Copycat Recipes: The Budget Restaurant Experience

Growing up, going to restaurants was an especially rare treat. For some reason that I never quite understood, my parents had this odd aversion to restaurants of any kind, from the nicest sit-down restaurants to fast food joints. My parents vehemently despised the restaurant environment and only wanted to eat at home. My brother and […]

Late Summer Favorites: Tomatoes

One of the best things about the end of summer is the abundance of fresh produce. Late summer is tomato season. Come August, nothing beats sinking your teeth into a vine-ripened tomato. When the Spanish first came to the Western Hemisphere, they thought the bright red fruit was a temptation of the devil. Since then, […]

Pretzels, The Ideal Snack

I was returned from Stuttgart, where a food festival was being held in the town center. Countless booths were selling sausages, maultaschen (a stuffed noodle similar to ravioli), flatbread pizza with a sour cream base rather than tomato (much tastier than it sounds!), and lots and lots of beer. I ate a lot, but my […]

Grandma Leen’s Mac and Ham Casserole

If you have children that are older than bottle/breastfeeding age, chances are you have become intimately familiar with a perennial childhood favorite:  Macaroni and cheese.  I know it was one of my favorites as a child…still is, as a matter of fact, and it seems to hold universal appeal for kids everywhere.  My husband grew […]

4 Holistic Hummus Recipes

Hummus is a delicious vegetarian alternative to the typical chips and dips that saturate our everyday lives. How often do you see a plate of veggies and hummus available at a family gathering? Inspired by middle eastern flavors, this side dish or dip is filling, scrumptions AND healthy. Ingredients should be available at your regular […]

How To Make a 4-Course Meal With Pecans

Of all the different types of nuts, none can match the unique flavor of a pecan. Full of rich, buttery flavor, pecans taste great in desserts, in savory dishes or in the palm of your hand. Pecans are also a great, healthy source of protein and antioxidants amongst other nutrients. Enjoy this Southern treat tonight […]