10 New Secret Restaurant Copycat Recipes from America’s Favorite Restaurants

Since everyone loves restaurant food of one sort or another, you should check out our wide variety of top-secret restaurant copycat recipes.  They have become very popular, and they’re a great way to recreate restaurant quality meals in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Bonus:  You don’t have to spend tons of money in the […]

How To Make Quick Easy Chicken Recipes: Stir Fry

A chicken stir fry is the ultimate cooking combination for home chefs who find themselves short on time. Chicken is a quick and versatile ingredient that is the perfect protein source. Combine that with stir fry, where high heat and large cooking surfaces means you can easily cook a meal in very little time. For […]

Enjoy a Slice for National Chocolate Cake Day!

Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day (today) by baking up a rich, moist chocolate cake (as if you needed an excuse). We have a whole slew of new chocolate cake recipes on the site, including Milky Way Candy Bar Cake, which features chunks of the classic candy bar. These chocolate cake recipes are also perfect for […]

10 Tempting Slow Cooker Soup Recipes + Bonus Bread Machine Recipes

Brrr! It’s cold outside, at least here in the Midwest, and what better to eat than a warm, hearty bowl of slow-cooker soup?  Possibly some of the bread machine recipes that make delicious bread to have with your soup.  Here are 10 of our staff’s favorite soups and 10 of our favorite bread machine breads […]

Enter to Win the New England Soup Factory Cookbook

Creating delicious, hearty soups from scratch is a tried and true tradition old as history itself. Inspired by this tradition, husband and wife team Marjorie Druker and Paul Brophy started the New England Soup Factory in Brookline, Massachusetts, in 1995. Their mission with the New England Soup Factory, “take old, good ideas and fashion them […]

New: Free Appetizer eCookbook

Perfect for planning your Super Bowl party (or any gathering, really), our newest free eCookbook is just what you need!  Chock-full of easy appetizer recipes, 39 Appetizer Recipes and Party Pleasers will make selecting and planning what to serve at your next party simple and fun. Whether you’re looking for chicken wing recipes, seafood appetizers, […]

Guest Post: Jennifer Barney Extols the Virtues of Barney Butter

Peanut butter in the pantry has been an essential in the American way of life. Moms rely on its convenience, and know the easy meal will make their kids full and happy. As they grow older, kids make their own PB&J sandwiches as after-school snacks, and as adults learn to love it as a special […]

How to Make Quick Easy Chicken Recipes: Enchiladas

If there is one friend to the home cook, it is chicken. It is incredibly affordable. It is easy to use. It has a wide variety of uses. Best of all, it tastes great. For a quick easy chicken recipe for dinner, give this New Mexico Chicken Enchiladas recipe a try.It has only seven ingredients, […]

How to Bake Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone can make a delicious batch of cookies from pre-packaged refrigerated cookie dough, but many people don’t realize that baking cookies from scratch is just as simple. All you need to know is the basic method of preparation for many cookies and cakes, which is the creaming method. When you get the creaming method down, […]

Food Should Taste Good Chips Contest

We are excited to give away Food Should Taste Good Prize Packages to three lucky readers. Each prize package contains a 5-flavor sampling of Food Should Taste Good Chips, including Yellow Corn, Cinnamon, Potato & Chive, Lime and Multigrain. These all-natural chips are a perfect snack any time. Here at RecipeLion, we received a sample […]