Adventures in Cooking Smart Chicken, Part 1…


Today I’m bringing you the first part in a special series where we explore cooking with Smart Chicken. What’s Smart Chicken? Well I’m glad you asked it’s personally one of my favorite chicken brands out there, with a taste like no other. This chicken brand really gets it right; they know how to produce a […]

The Magic of the Pot: Slow Cooker Chicken Even I Can Make

I recently got a craving for barbecue chicken.  I really wanted to cook some for dinner for my boyfriend and myself, but there were a couple of problems:  1)  I’m not a very experienced cook.  I basically only make pasta and pancakes.  2)  My mom taught me once how to make barbecue chicken, but it […]

Giveaway: Cuisinart Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System


UPDATE: (Congrats to Elizabeth Stelley from Texas, she was winner of this fabulous prize. Thanks to everyone who participated, we had almost 18,000 entries!) RecipeLion’s new giveaway begins today and it’s so amazing, I wish I could enter to win it–I can’t. BUT–you can! We’re giving away Cuisinart’s 15-piece SmartPower Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System. This […]

How-To Make a Fantastic Dinner in 35 Minutes


Sometimes you really just don’t have the time to make dinner, actually probably more than sometimes. Now there are a lot of recipes out there that you can cook quickly, true, but is it also something unique, budget friendly and guaranteed to please? Maybe, maybe not, either way I’ve found a recipe I think will […]

Cheers to a Sweet Spring!

We made it!  Spring is finally here.  When I looked at my calendar last Sunday and realized Winter was officially over, I jumped for joy.  Literally.  Maybe I’ve been cooped up inside too long? Anyway, I decided I wanted to celebrate with some sweet treats.  Let me tell you, there are some awesomely creative Spring […]

Fabulous Food Friday: March Blog Hop

Welcome to our latest RecipeLion Blog Hop, and welcome back for all those that participated in last month’s! Check out February’s Fabulous Food Friday blog hop here. February’s theme was “Fabulous Food Friday: Favorite Winter Warm-Up Recipes.” We’re really excited for our upcoming Fabulous Food Friday blog hop, the theme is: Your Favorite Spring-time Recipes. […]

How-to Make Easy Irish Cabbage Soup


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day… where here in America everybody’s Irish! All in good fun though, I really love this holiday, it always reminds me that spring is almost here. Also because I love all the food and it’s an excuse to drink green beer, I mean really that’s awesome. But back to the food, it […]

Happy St. Patty’s Day; Now For A Good Breakfast!

Irish Inn Ulster Fry

Okay, so breakfast probably isn’t the first thing you think of when thinking of St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s probably not even the third thing.  Still, it’s a good idea to get a good lining on your stomach before doing whatever it is you have planned for the rest of the day, especially if your plans […]