What Appetizers Go with Chili?

Beet Meatballs

Rainy Sunday get together, Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl: On more than one occasion, I find myself searching desperately for party appetizer recipes. More importantly, I want quick fix easy appetizer recipes that will let me enjoy my weekend. I’ve been convinced that these make ahead appetizers don’t exist. That is, I didn’t think the best […]

Guest Post: Tex-Mex Summer Squash Casserole


A special thanks to our newest guest blogger Lisa from Two Bears Farm. Check out her wonderful recipe for squash casserole below. —- This summer has been the first that my husband and I have successfully managed a big garden. Summer squash, one of my favorite vegetables, has been thriving. I’m determined to put every […]

Save Money and Eat Amazing Chicken with our Latest eCookbook


So many of us find ourselves with restricted budgets thanks to the weak economy and other factors (especially these days, can you say gas prices!?) and I’m certainly always looking for ways to cut costs. Food can be a huge part of what sucks your wallet dry each month; so it’s important to keep some […]

Contest: Name the Chef to Win

The Chef from AllFreeCopycatRecipes

We know our readers at RecipeLion.com love tastefully simple copycat recipes! We have some exciting news for you: Our sister site, AllFreeCopycatRecipes.com, is running a really fun contest called Name the Chef. Get involved, and make your mark with a site that features those famous restaurant recipes and brand name cooking recipes you enjoy so […]

How to Make Easy Fresh Strawberry Pie


One of my favorite things to make during Summer are desserts, specifically desserts using fresh, in-season fruits – like strawberries! To me there’s not much better than a sweet, chilled no bake strawberry pie. It’s too simple to make and too easy to eat, plus it doesn’t require turning on your oven (which is ideal […]

Cool Off With Tastefully Simple Copycat Recipes


Our sister site, AllFreeCopycatRecipes.com, just launched it’s weekly, free, e-mail newsletter July 12, as you might have learned from Bridget’s recent post all about the site’s awesome copycat recipes from restaurants and brand name cooking recipes. Check out the cute chef man that’s featured on AllFreeCopycatRecipes. I can’t get enough of him! You should definitely […]

Guest Post: An Apple A Day …Makes For A Great Recipe Ingredient!


A special thanks to Greg Hayes from Live Fit Blog for this helpful article on how to use apples in your cooking. Enjoy! —– Making Use of Apples in Recipes Everyone loves apples. You can eat them raw, juice them, dip them in peanut butter, or cut them up for the kids lunchbox. But, aside […]

Giveaway: 300 Best Casserole Recipes Cookbook


It’s casseroles galore! We’ve got a really awesome cookbook to giveaway this week to one luck winner. The 300 Best Casserole Recipes Cookbook by Tiffany Collins is loaded with every casserole you could possibly think of; whether you’re looking for breakfast, main entrees, healthy ideas, stuff for kids or even desserts! Enter for your chance […]

Fabulous Food Friday: July Blog Hop

Welcome to our latest RecipeLion Blog Hop, and as always welcome back to all those that participated in last month’s! Check out June’s Fabulous Food Friday blog hop here. June’s theme was “Fabulous Food Friday: Favorite Father’s Day Recipes.” We’re so excited for our latest Fabulous Food Friday blog hop, the theme is: Your Favorite […]