9 Fun Halloween Cookie Recipes

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Believe it or not, Halloween is almost upon us.   We all know what that means:  Sweets!  Sure, the kids get to go trick-or-treating to get their candy, but it’s really just as much fun to stay inside and bake Halloween cookies together.  After all, homemade Halloween cookies are the best!  Sure, there are those who favor disgusting Halloween cookies like edible spiders (eek!), but I’m more of a traditionalist at heart, preferring cookies like these whipped shortbread cookies that you can decorate for just about any holiday you like.

I’ve scoured the Web for some other fun Halloween cookie recipes to share with you, and here are the Halloween cookies I hope you’ll consider making with your family:

There’s still plenty of time for you to get to the store and get any ingredients you might need to make these fun, homemade Halloween cookies.  You can even make your first batch tonight…but if your house is like mine, don’t expect these Halloween cookies to last all the way until Halloween!

If you’d like some other Halloween recipes, get your own copy of our just-published FREE eCookbook, 15 Fun Halloween Recipes. Happy Halloween!


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