Are You Eating Enough Tater Tot Casserole?

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Tater Tot casserole is a cheesy, starchy, all-American family household meal.  Many might think it may not be too good for their health, but they might be surprised to learn differently.  There are nutrients in the potatoes themselves that help your body function. Vitamin C found in potatoes helps the immune system to function. Potassium helps brain and nerve function. Thiamin helps the nerve cells and other supporting cells of the nervous system to function. Niacin helps with the reduction of cholesterol. Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body.

Tater Tots are very budget-friendly, so anyone can buy them and turn them into a great Tater Tot casserole recipe.  The little tots might not seem like vegetables, but they are indeed, happy little potatoes.  Check out these great casserole recipes!

Idaho is very proud of their carbohydrate friends and they should be. You don’t have to visit Idaho though to get your potato on. Just visit your supermarket for a bag of yummy tots!

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  1. Hillary says

    I’m currently in a nutrition class and we have learned about all of the nutrients mentioned and our professor even told the class that tater tot casserole had a good source of all of those nutrients.

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