Crescent Roll Monkey Bread with Pecans


Hi there, Holly here from Revamperate again! Today, I’m excited to share a nutty twist on a favorite breakfast treat. Monkey bread is probably every kid’s favorite, or at least it was always one of mine. I’ve always been a big breakfast fan and I will happily get up on the weekends and make a […]

Easy Breakfast Recipe: Very Berry Breakfast Crepes Recipe


I’ve been making a mess lately. A sweet mess, to be exact. Hello, Linda here from Brunch-n-Bites with an easy breakfast recipe, perfect for Easter brunch or an everyday treat! Two words, my friends. Breakfast Crepes. And it’s delicious. This is the new favorites for the hubs and I, for breakfast, lunch, and few more […]

Make-Ahead Baked Eggnog French Toast Recipe


There’s so much excitement Christmas morning that everyone might forget they’re hungry  – but just for a little while. Once the excitement winds down, stomachs are grumbling. It makes the day so much more magical to have an easy breakfast recipe on hand. None are as festive and easy as this Make-Ahead Baked Eggnog French […]

New Test Kitchen Recipe: Slow Cooker Blueberry Overnight French Toast


Bacon has been king of breakfast foods for quite a while now, but can we talk about the queen? French toast is the fairest food in the land. It pairs perfectly with any berry, and looks amazing when someone sets a heaping plate in front of you. Is there any better way to start the […]

Wake Up to a Slow Cooker Breakfast: 25 Slow Cooker Breakfast Casseroles and More


Waking up to breakfast is a very romantic thought. After all, it’s associated with someone you love waking you up with a freshly plated breakfast in bed. Could there be a better way to start your morning? With a slow cooker breakfast, everyone in your household can experience it! Wake up to the smell of […]

18 Breakfast Muffin Tin Recipes and More


Have you experienced this life-changing food trend yet? It’s so awesome. The first time I made over a week’s worth of breakfast muffin tin recipes, I felt like a genius every morning. It was definitely a ‘Why didn’t I think of this?!’ kind of thing. If you haven’t come across this on some corner of […]

Sweet Griddle Recipes for Dessert + Win a Swiss Diamond Griddle!

Sprinkles and Strawberry Buttermilk Pancakes

Griddle recipes are the best kinds of recipes (and not just for breakfast). Why? Because we say so, that’s why! 🙂 No, really though. We love griddle recipes. They’re amazing. There’s just something about cooking things on a griddle that makes them taste delicious. Griddles give food such a wonderful golden-brown color and they make […]

Coffee Cake Recipes That Will Brighten Your Day

Coffee Cake Recipes

Coffee cake is an interesting concept. It’s cake, but you can eat it for breakfast. There’s coffee in the name, but it’s not always made with coffee; rather, it’s eaten while you drink coffee. But enough about the name – the most important thing is that it tastes good! RecipeLion has a great collection of […]

Bite-sized Breakfast: Mini Quiches!

The Cutest Mini Quiches You Will Ever Eat

The Cutest Mini Quiches You Will Ever Eat I don’t think I’ve ever baked something cuter in my entire life. These Mini Quiches are absolutely ADORABLE. But even better than that, they are so easy to make! With just a few ingredients and twenty minutes in the oven, you’ll be able to whip up the […]

Nuts for Doughnuts: 23 Easy Doughnut Recipes


Let’s talk about doughnuts, shall we? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like doughnuts. I think this is because they come in all shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors. If you don’t like one kind of doughnut, there’s probably another kind that you can’t get enough of. RecipeLion’s collection of 23 Easy Doughnut Recipes has just […]