The Best Overnight Slow Cooker Recipes + 14 Overnight Breakfast Recipes

Outrageous Overnight Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so wants to make it the easiest meal of the day too. These easy overnight breakfast recipes put a whole new meaning to the term “lazy like Sunday morning.” Forget waking up and making breakfast. With these amazing breakfast recipes you can […]

Easy Breakfast Recipes from Around the World

Easy Breakfast Recipes from Around the World

Breakfast and I have a love-hate relationship. I love breakfast when I can make something absolutely delicious without much effort, but oftentimes I’ll be in a rush and have to eat something quick like a bowl of cereal. Even when I have the time to make my own favorite breakfast foods, I always stick to […]

RecipeLion Original Recipe: Gooey Stuffed Cinnamon Roll Bake

Gooey Stuffed Cinnamon Roll Bake

When it comes to breakfast pastries, cinnamon rolls are definitely one of my favorite treats. The gooey cinnamon filling, doughy roll and icing on top is always a great way to start the day, if you ask me. When I saw a recipe for Stuffed Cinnamon Roll Bake by Table for Seven, I immediately knew […]

Having a Blast with Blueberry Recipes

Having a Blast with Blueberry Recipes

We are in the midst of blueberry season, and, personally, I can’t get enough of these juicy fruits. Luckily, I’ve found tons of delicious blueberry recipes for breakfast to satisfy my need for the berry. I actually found some blueberries on sale the other day, so that may be another reason why I’ve gone crazy […]

Guest Post: Green Eggs and Ham Quiche

Green Eggs and Ham Quiche

This blog post comes to us from AllFreeCasseroleRecipes Featured Foodie Carole, author of the blog Toot Sweet 4 Two. “Do you like green eggs and ham?” That’s the question that Sam-I-am asks the other main (unidentified) character in the Dr. Seuss classic, “Green Eggs and Ham.” Until the last few pages of the book, the […]

Lose 8 Pounds in 2 Weeks … The Jessica Simpson Way


When Jessica Simpson gave birth to her son, Ace, in June 2013–just a little more than a year after delivering daughter Maxwell–it was time to get serious about eating healthy and shedding the extra pounds she had put on following two consecutive pregnancies. After bidding a fond farewell to some of her favorite snacks and […]

Potato-Crusted Quiche

Potato Crusted Quiche

As the editors of and, we are always looking for exciting, new breakfast recipes. We were thrilled to put our heads together and create a recipe that used Eggland’s Best eggs. We combined our expertise and created a slow cooker casserole recipe that’s loaded with eggs. Eggs are a great way to start […]

Dessert: It’s What’s For Breakfast

Farmstand Buttermilk Doughnuts

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just immediately started craving something sweet, or has a craving for something sweet woken you out of a sound sleep? Those mornings, a bowl of Cheerios, a slice of buttered toast, or even a bagel with cream cheese just won’t do. Trust us when we say […]

New eCookbook: 19 Scrumptious Casserole Recipes for Breakfast

Baconage Casserole

Breakfast casseroles are ideal morning meals. Most are packed with protein and veggies that will give you energy for the day. Many can be prepared the night before so there‚Äôs little prep to do in the morning. They reheat well, allowing you to enjoy one casserole all week long. Breakfast casseroles are a real lifesaver […]

Say That You “Loaf” Me: 4 Easy Pull-Apart Recipes

Pull-Apart Recipes

Alright, admit it. How many of you sneak onto Pinterest on your cell phone when your friend runs off to the bathroom? We’ve become incapable of simply sitting at a table by ourselves. We have to occupy ourselves with something so we’re not awkwardly and absentmindedly sitting alone. That’s where the beauty of a mobile […]