Healthy Beef Stuffed Pepper Dump Dinner Recipe


Mmm, stuffed peppers.  If I had to pick the best dinner recipe I’ve ever made – this would be it! SO yummy. I truly can’t wait to make this Healthy Beef Stuffed Pepper Dump Dinner again! What makes them so great? They’re EASY! The most complicated part is hollowing the peppers and that takes 5 […]

How to Cook Ground Beef + Top 17 Best Ground Beef Recipes


Cooking with ground beef is a great, budget-friendly way to get used to weeknight cooking. There’s no shame is admitting that you don’t know how to cook ground beef. Maybe you’ve cooked it, but mainly by guesswork. If you want your ground beef to have the perfect texture, flavor and moisture, it’s worth taking the […]

One Pot Meal: Beefy Slawghetti, a Budget-Friendly Healthy Recipe

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Stuck in a rut with dinner? Craving pasta but fearing the fact you’ll eat enough noodles to feed a small army? This Healthy T Beefy Slawghetti recipe is such a life-saver! It’s light, healthy and super easy to make. All you need is one skillet for this healthy ground beef recipe! At only 300 calories […]

Healthy 4-Ingredient Enchilada Casserole

Healthy 4 Ingredient Enchilada Casserole 8

Indulge in all of your favorite Mexican flavors — guilt free — with this Healthy 4-Ingredient Enchilada Casserole! It’s a quick, easy, and family-friendly dinner recipe that’s perfect for busy weeknights! Hello, hello, friends!! I’m so glad to be visiting you again from The Seasoned Mom! Did you have a nice holiday season? Did you eat […]

Monster Mash-ups: 34 Frankenstein-Style Easy Dinner Recipes


Welcome to the lab. (Come see what’s on the slab!) This is where we experiment with all kinds of favorite flavors and ingredients to create easy dinner recipes, easy dessert recipes and more. Just ignore all those broken spatulas and questionable containers – failed experiments, nothing to see there. We’re aiming for the ultimate food […]

11 Southern Recipes Dolly Parton Would Love


Dolly Parton is the best-known Southern belle, for sure. She embodies everything sweet about the South with her flashy Nashville looks, and unapologetic but kind-hearted public persona. Dolly never stops spreading the word about the Southern way of life, and she’s a huge fan of Southern food. We were curious to find out celebrity favorites, […]

Grandma’s One Pot Recipes


One main goal emerges in the kitchen each summer: do not turn the oven on. It’s hot out, and the oven’s smoldering thing that it does really cramps the air conditioner’s style. In fact, it basically undoes the air conditioning. Not cool, oven. That’s where Grandma’s one pot recipes come in handy. Grab the ingredients, […]

Link Love: Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes for a Rainy Day

Healthy Dinner Recipes

You know what they say: “April showers bring May flowers.” However, in my experience, it’s been more like “April showers bring May flowers as well as May showers.” It’s spring, after all. The rain and constant wetness won’t really end until the season does. But you know what? I’m 100% okay with that. Rain isn’t […]

New Test Kitchen Recipe: Easy Ground Beef Stroganoff Casserole


Egg noodles are perfect when paired with ground beef – that’s for certain. Growing up in the Midwest, my mom would serve a variety of egg noodle and ground beef dishes. It isn’t hard to change up the flavor with a ground beef recipe, and egg noodles typically do a good job of blending in. […]

12 Savory Southern Meals: Shrimp and Grits Recipes, Pork Chop Recipes and More


When it gets warm outside, it’s so appealing to sit outside for dinner and enjoy the sights of a Southern spring. Nothing works up your appetite like a little work outside, getting your garden and foliage ready for longer days and more sunshine. It’s just perfect to take a break with a savory Southern meal […]