12 Low Carb Dessert Recipes for Summer


In the winter, it’s acceptable to binge on cookies and cake because – hello, it’s the holidays! But then summer comes along, you wear less layers, and suddenly you don’t really want to be eating so many carbs. You become a little more health-aware, come summertime. It’s not like you need to be on a […]

Healthier Blueberry-Lemon Dessert Bars


Looking for a summertime snack to satisfy your sweet tooth without over-indulging? Homemade blueberry bars are basically guilt-free pie that you can take anywhere! The great thing about these fruity dessert bars by Tarah Thorne of Healthy T is that they’re super easy. This dessert bar recipe is done in just six steps, and provides […]

3 Salad Ideas to Change Things Up


When I was younger, salads certainly weren’t my food of choice. Filled with bitter memories of soggy options from school canteens or dry, bland Iceberg lettuce, I never thought salads could be enjoyed. However, when I started experimenting in the kitchen, I discovered that there were ways you could prepare a salad that was actually […]

12 Healthy Spaghetti Squash Recipes That’ll Fool Anyone


Spaghetti squash is a healthy ingredient substitution that can fool ’em all. Kids, dads, all those people in your life (including you, probably) with a taste for meaty pasta dishes can have their favorite pasta and eat it too – but it’s secretly healthy! Spaghetti squash recipes are a delicious way to eat healthier and […]

7 Day Healthy Meal Plan for Beginners

Skinny Beef Casserole

Let’s be honest: Coming up with healthy meal plans is hard to do. Not only does it involve planning ahead, but it can also be difficult to cook more than you usually do. Grabbing meals and snacks from stores and restaurants is easy. It’s comfortable. But it’s also not guaranteed to be the healthiest thing […]

15 Paleo Recipes to Get You Started: Paleo Casserole Recipes and More


Is 2015 going to the the year you’ll tackle one of the hottest food trends, the paleo diet? You’ve probably heard about this grain-free, sugar-free, gluten-free diet which aims to keep you as balanced as possible. The paleo diet is focused on keeping you healthy (and feeling full) without sacrificing needed nutrients and protein. Really, […]

The Chocolate Muffin Recipe You’ll Never Believe Exists

Heavenly Chocolate Muffins

People always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Okay, fine. But how many healthy breakfast recipes do you know of that are not only delicious but also portable? While I love healthy breakfast casseroles, pancake recipes, and egg dishes, I’m a complete sucker for muffins. I could make and eat […]

12 OMG Heavenly (Healthy) Cake Recipes You Need to Try

Heavenly Cake Recipes

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The title of this post really is “OMG Heavenly (Healthy) Cake Recipes.” Now, normally you’d never think to put the words “heavenly” and “cake” in the same sentence as “healthy.” I know. It still feels strange for me to do so because I love cake. I’ve had my fair […]

35 Greek Yogurt Recipes You Need In Your Life Right Now

Greek yogurt – thick, creamy, and double the protein as regular yogurt – is all the rage these days. There’s a lot to love about this popular probiotic, especially when it’s in a huge bowl topped with crunchy granola and fresh fruit. Although we are totally obsessed with this breakfast staple, we’re ready to take […]

The Low-Carb Pasta Swap You Need To Try

You’ve probably heard of using zucchini in place of noodles. It’s all the rage these days, especially because it offers a low-carb alternative to pasta. However, I have to admit that “zoodles” really aren’t that great. Sure they look like noodles, but they definitely don’t taste like them. I find them quite bland and julienning […]