10 Homemade Chinese Take-Out Recipes


Chinese New Year is a very special festival. For China, it’s the longest festival of the year (15 days beginning with New Year’s Day) including many traditions and rituals to bring good luck and happiness. The most amazing thing about Chinese New Year is that instead of the calendar year, this festival celebrates the lunar […]

12 Mardi Gras Recipes


Cravin’ Cajun? Good. Because it’s Cajun food‘s time to shine. That’s right, tomorrow is Mardi Gras a.k.a. Fat Tuesday, and it’s so much more than tossing beads in the street. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of delicious southern recipes straight from the bayou. Who can resist a king cake, seriously? Who dat? FaveSouthernRecipes.com considers this holiday […]

Red Velvet In That Slow Southern Style: 10 Easy Dessert Recipes


Thanks to the movie Steel Magnolias, the southern U.S. gets to claim red velvet recipes as our own. Red velvet really came about due to ingredient restrictions in the Great Depression, but it’s now used for many groom’s cakes in the south. It made its way from pop culture to regular folks’ culture. Red velvet […]

11 Sexy Dessert Ideas to Celebrate ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Secret Ingredient Chocolate Bundt Cake

Valentine’s Day is extra sexy this year thanks to the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey on February 13th! So, what better way to celebrate one of the steamiest movies to ever hit the silver screen than with a variety of sexy dessert ideas? Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the biggest and most […]

A Beautiful Night: 14 Easy Dinner Recipes for Two


Let’s talk about the most romantic dinner for two of all time. She was a lady. He was a tramp. It was a starry night, and two adventurous souls stumbled upon a wonderful Italian joint. The music set the tone, the candlelight flickered, and as they slurped down one irresistible spaghetti noodle, their noses touched… […]

13 Christmas Cookie Recipes You Haven’t Tried (Yet)


It’s no secret that we all have our own traditional Christmas cookie recipes that we make every year. Some cookies are just that good or mean just that much to us. However, it’s high time that we all start incorporating exciting and new Christmas cookies into our routines! With new Christmas cookie recipes come new […]

Slow Cooker Holiday Baking: Easy Christmas Cookies and Bars


When thinking about all the cooking and baking you’re inevitably going to do over the holidays, it might seem pretty daunting — so why not make it something to look forward to instead? Baking cookies in the slow cooker is one of the easiest and most care-free ways to bake, and during this holiday season, […]

‘Tis the Season for Christmas Crack!


Deck the halls with boughs of holly, ’tis the season to be jolly! It’s also the season for delightfully sweet Christmas treats. But everyone and their brother brings Christmas cookies to the party. So, we’re giving you a recipe that will blow all of those cookies right out of the water. We’re proud to present: […]

The Slow Cooker’s Guide to Making Edible Holiday Gifts


During the holidays, it is especially nice to show our friends and family just how much they mean to us. How you do it is up to you, but this year, the editors of AllFreeSlowCookerRecipes are here to give you a little inspiration. Why not give the gift of a delicious homemade treat? Making edible […]

Loving Your Leftovers: How to Enjoy the Feast Beyond Turkey Day


This guest post was contributed by FoodSafety.gov. It’s over. All of your guests have scraped their Thanksgiving dinner plates clean and have migrated from the dinner table to the couch. While you may want to immediately relax and celebrate after preparing a successful meal, it’s important that you first refrigerate any leftovers within two hours. […]