10 Dump Dinners for Weekends


SCENE: It’s Saturday. You woke up, read a book in bed for a while, then enjoyed a slow cooker breakfast. You walked the dog, met a friend for a late lunch, and sat outside enjoying the sunshine for the afternoon. You did some chores and errands, too. Suddenly, it’s dinnertime… where did the day go? […]

Link Love: 18 Deli Salad Recipes for Summer


Given a choice between deli meat and deli salads, I nearly always choose deli salads. They’re just so much more interesting than your typical sandwich. Though, I’ll admit I didn’t know that chicken salad recipes, egg salad recipes and tuna salad recipes were called “deli salads” until recently. It’s not the kind of thing you’d […]

10 Southern Stove Top Recipes + Win a Swiss Diamond Fry Pan and Casserole Set!


In the summer, stove top recipes are basically the best. I don’t want to turn on my oven too often because 1) it’s so hot and 2) it’s more work than an easy stove top recipe. If I can dump in the ingredients, fry ’em up or let ’em simmer and have a delicious meal […]

11 Lazy Girl Southern Recipes


When the sun’s out, the last thing you want to do is spend hours near a hot stove. Personally, I’d rather be sipping lemonade by the pool. My meals can just make themselves, thanks! Problem is, food cannot actually make itself into something resembling a meal. No matter how lazy I admittedly am, I’m going […]

The Six Stupidest Easy Dinner Recipes You Could Ever Make


Here at RecipeChatter, we’re obsessed with stupidly easy recipes. When I’m hungry, I don’t want to think about a complex, fancy recipe. I just want an amazing homemade meal that I can make quickly and easily! I prefer recipes that take as little effort as possible. In fact, although I consider myself a decent cook […]

Roll-Up Recipes: 12 Crescent Roll Recipes For Every Meal


The first time I tried a roll-up recipe, my mind was blown. I expected it to be somewhat difficult, but it was honestly one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever made. If you use crescent roll dough, there’s a world of recipes at your fingertips. Just mix up the ingredients, spread, roll, bake, and enjoy! […]

15 Dump & Go Dinners: Quick Dinner Ideas to Make Weeknights Easy


Dump dinners are basically a life-saver when you’re busy – which is pretty much all the time, right? It doesn’t take more than a week of eating at restaurants for the glamor to wear off, and suddenly you really want a homemade meal. But who has the time for that, between your job, family and […]

8 Easy Recipes For Your Cast Iron Skillet


Every southern cook knows that the cast iron skillet is one of your most important pieces of kitchenware. It’s such a versatile tool that you may not even realize how often you use it, but you can cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All three meals in one skillet! It’s a fun way to cook, because […]