12 Stupidly Easy Recipes: Quick Dinner Ideas and Desserts


Sometimes I’ll look over a recipe and think there’s a really strong chance I’ll mess it up. I have great reading comprehension, but recipes don’t always go to plan, especially if it’s complicated. That’s why I’m a mega-fan of foolproof recipes. I’m talking stupidly easy, can’t-possibly-mess-this-up recipes. This becomes even more important when I’m feeding […]

Link Love: 15 Sheet Pan Dinners and Sheet Cake Recipes


We’re loving this sheet pan recipes trend. Honestly, any trend that is quick and easy with little clean-up gets a thumbs-up from us. We’re all about short-cuts! Sheet pan recipes are everywhere on Pinterest, and for good reason. They’re a twist on dump dinners, so there’s not a lot of prep work involved – but […]

School Lunch Ideas They’ll Want to Go Back For


Back to school time can be bittersweet. Kids enjoy their summer freedom, and we enjoy spending more time with them. Sending them back to school has its perks, but there’s also the sadness of another spent summer. Thankfully, there’s plenty to look forward to when heading back. New school supplies, new classes, new teachers and […]

10 Dump Dinners for Weekends


SCENE: It’s Saturday. You woke up, read a book in bed for a while, then enjoyed a slow cooker breakfast. You walked the dog, met a friend for a late lunch, and sat outside enjoying the sunshine for the afternoon. You did some chores and errands, too. Suddenly, it’s dinnertime… where did the day go? […]

Link Love: 18 Deli Salad Recipes for Summer


Given a choice between deli meat and deli salads, I nearly always choose deli salads. They’re just so much more interesting than your typical sandwich. Though, I’ll admit I didn’t know that chicken salad recipes, egg salad recipes and tuna salad recipes were called “deli salads” until recently. It’s not the kind of thing you’d […]

10 Southern Stove Top Recipes + Win a Swiss Diamond Fry Pan and Casserole Set!


In the summer, stove top recipes are basically the best. I don’t want to turn on my oven too often because 1) it’s so hot and 2) it’s more work than an easy stove top recipe. If I can dump in the ingredients, fry ’em up or let ’em simmer and have a delicious meal […]

11 Lazy Girl Southern Recipes


When the sun’s out, the last thing you want to do is spend hours near a hot stove. Personally, I’d rather be sipping lemonade by the pool. My meals can just make themselves, thanks! Problem is, food cannot actually make itself into something resembling a meal. No matter how lazy I admittedly am, I’m going […]

The Six Stupidest Easy Dinner Recipes You Could Ever Make


Here at RecipeChatter, we’re obsessed with stupidly easy recipes. When I’m hungry, I don’t want to think about a complex, fancy recipe. I just want an amazing homemade meal that I can make quickly and easily! I prefer recipes that take as little effort as possible. In fact, although I consider myself a decent cook […]

Roll-Up Recipes: 12 Crescent Roll Recipes For Every Meal


The first time I tried a roll-up recipe, my mind was blown. I expected it to be somewhat difficult, but it was honestly one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever made. If you use crescent roll dough, there’s a world of recipes at your fingertips. Just mix up the ingredients, spread, roll, bake, and enjoy! […]