12 Easy Paleo Lunches to Take to Work

Easy Paleo Lunches

When you go on the paleo diet, it takes a bit of a commitment to stick to it. You have to maintain that diet for every meal, including lunch. If you work in an office, then you’ll likely have to bring in your own lunch because you won’t be able to eat the food in […]

15 Healthy Dump Dinners for Lazy People

Healthy Dump Dinners featured image

“Dump dinner” doesn’t really sound appetizing or healthy. It doesn’t sound like something that will make you feel good or like something you should ever feed your children. However, a “dump dinner” is just an easy recipe where you can dump the ingredients in your slow cooker or a casserole dish and forget about it. […]

Hey, Is This Paleo?

Hey, Is This Paleo?

Some of you might be wondering just what the heck the paleo diet is. Or maybe you’ve heard it called the Caveman Diet (they’re the same thing). Whether you’re looking for more information because you want to try it or you just want to know what exactly you can make for your friends on the […]

Add a Little Spice to Your Life: 12 Mexican Recipes

Add Some Spice To Your Life

I became such a big fan of Taco Tuesday that it turned into Tacos Daily. If anyone ever asks what I would like to eat for dinner, the answer is almost always something that would be found in a Mexican restaurant. Even if it’s not tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, or burritos also make my heart (and […]

Top 10 Summertime Staples

Top 10 Summertime Staples

The word “summertime” screams two things to me: easy and healthy, so every summer I try to eat less junk food and more healthy snacks. It isn’t all that difficult since so many of my favorite fruits and veggies are in season, but after a while, I get lazy. I really do love eating healthy, […]

Healthy Strawberry Recipes for Summer

Healthy Strawberry Recipes

To me, nothing says “summer” like fresh strawberries. When I was growing up, we had a small strawberry patch attached to the garden in my backyard. I remember my siblings and I impatiently waiting for the first bright red berries of the season to emerge. Sometimes we would convince our parents to let us dip […]

Sneaky Ways to Eat Healthy: Top 10 Healthy Quinoa Recipes

Sneaky Ways To Eat Healthy

As a kid, I hated eating meat. Not just hated, despised it. I would cut it up into teeny tiny bites and push it around my plate or hide it in my napkin. I even asked my mom if I could become a vegetarian because I just didn’t want to eat meat, but no dice. […]

Paleo Casserole Recipe: Paleo Apple Pork Chop Casserole

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Comfort food can be tough on a paleo diet! The majority of paleo eaters opt for whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods and avoid additives such as sugar. Eating paleo is, for the most part, less time consuming than preparing every meal by hand. It’s pretty easy to grab lean meats, fruits and vegetables on-the-go. However, sometimes […]