Oh Say Can You Sweet: 21 Patriotic Dessert Recipes for the Fourth of July


For the Fourth of July, entrees are usually pretty obvious. Everybody grills out, so you’ve got hot dogs, hamburger, or pulled pork if someone’s feeling adventurous. The fun part of your Fourth of July menu is always the desserts. Food bloggers are very creative in incorporating the American flag and/or red, white, and blue into […]

Don’t Make Dad a Burger: Make Him These Father’s Day Recipes Instead


If your dad is anything like mine, he could eat a burger a day. He’ll use any excuse to grill up a fresh burger from May to November… actually, he’s been known to cook burgers on the stovetop in the winter. It’s true love. However, just because dad loves burgers and grilling doesn’t mean that’s […]

The Perfect Patriotic Dessert: American Flag Cake Recipe


Important news – We’ve found an easy dessert recipe even more American than apple pie. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this: This beautiful, easy dessert recipe combines the fresh flavors of summer, strawberry and blueberry, with sweet Red Velvet cake mix and a refreshing whipped topping. When it comes to cake mix recipes, […]

Memorial Day Recipes: Potluck Recipes for the Perfect Cookout


It’s everybody’s favorite three-day-weekend! Time to drive away to whatever mini-vacation awaits you, whether it’s a family cookout or a camping trip. It’s so nice when that smoky BBQ smell drifts over to you, or you first catch sight of that long table covered in delicious potluck dishes. From potato salads to deviled eggs, it […]

‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Carrot Cake’ Recipes + A Few Homemade Carrot Cakes

Carrot Cake Bars

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not usually a huge fan of traditional carrot cake recipes. I like carrot cake fine, but it’s not my favorite kind of cake. If given the choice, I honestly usually reach for some chocolate cake or even funfetti. To me, carrot cake is a once a year-type […]

We Tried Weird Easter Candy So You Don’t Have To


Easter is an interesting time for candy, second only to Halloween. Every candy company seems to have their own Easter version, and then there are the candies you only see at Easter like Cadbury Eggs. So. Many. Candy. Eggs. As a kid, you’re ecstatic to find Easter candy in the bottom of your basket and […]

Make Your Own Luck With These St. Patrick’s Day Desserts!

St. Patrick's Day Desserts

We could all use a bit of luck every now and again. That’s why I love St. Patrick’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day desserts! There’s just something about St. Paddy’s Day that makes it different from all of the other holidays. It’s happy-go-lucky and fun without having any real expectations or obligations. For instance, I […]

Erin Go Bragh! 15 Easy Dinner Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day


Sure, the parades, the pinching and the Irish-for-a-Day attitude are fun and all, but can we talk about the real excitement of St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)? THE FOOD. Irish food reminds us what St. Patrick’s Day is all about – celebrating Irish culture in a country where it was once okay to hang up […]

10 Homemade Chinese Take-Out Recipes


Chinese New Year is a very special festival. For China, it’s the longest festival of the year (15 days beginning with New Year’s Day) including many traditions and rituals to bring good luck and happiness. The most amazing thing about Chinese New Year is that instead of the calendar year, this festival celebrates the lunar […]