Create Your Own Taco Bar: Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Tacos Recipe


Ready for a summer fiesta? These slow cooker pulled pork tacos  are really easy and really delicious for your next get together with friends and family. My kids LOVE pulled pork anything, so this recipe became a staple in my house a few years ago. The best thing is that you can serve the slow […]

Better Than Takeout Dump Dinner: General Tso Chicken Recipe


I just don’t think it’s possible to eat enough Chinese-style food. There’s the old stereotype that you eat Chinese food and you’re hungry hours later – but I think it’s just so good that I can’t possibly get enough. However, there are drawbacks to ordering out often. Mainly, it gets expensive and it’s not very […]

10 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes with Rotisserie Chicken


I used to be intimidated by a lot of truly appetizing chicken recipes just because I’m not confident in my chicken cooking skills. I know I can do it, but the chicken just doesn’t come out as delicious. I’m probably just too used to professionally-cooked, tender chicken from stores or restaurants. That’s why rotisserie chicken […]

15 Slow Cooker Cabbage Recipes: Slow Cooker Cabbage Rolls and More


Cabbage recipes are one of the most popular slow cooker dishes. It’s probably because cabbage is so tasty when you cook it low and slow. At, our readers just can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s cabbage rolls, cabbage soup or cabbage and potatoes, cabbage recipes are a hot commodity. A major benefit of […]

Slow Cooker 101: Tips, Tricks and Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes

Green Electric Cooker On White Background

Did you just get your first slow cooker? Congratulations! Maybe you aren’t used to using kitchen appliances beyond the microwave/stove, or maybe you’ve got all kinds of gadgets and just got around to a slow cooker. There’s something you need to know right away – the slow cooker is about to change your cooking habits […]

10 Down Home Slow Cooker Recipes for Cowboys


Have you ever tried one of our hearty cowboy recipes? I know you might be wondering, ‘Why are cowboy recipes a thing?’ We think it’s just that down-home, filling food that reminds you of the old American west. Chunky slow cooker recipes chock-full of beans and meat are just the ticket when you’re really hungry. […]

6 Slow Cooker Southern Recipes You Need to Try Right Now!

Sunday Supper Chicken and Dumplings

Sometimes, you just need a little southern comfort — especially in the form of food. This is why the editors of AllFreeSlowCookerRecipes have decided to share their favorite slow cooker southern recipes that you should be making right now. You know the classics like southern fried chicken, black-eyed peas, and collard greens, but we’re giving […]

How to Make The Perfect Fudge in Your Slow Cooker

How To Make Slow Cooker Fudge

‘Tis the season for homemade gifts! Edible gifts are always popular around the holidays, and homemade fudge is no exception. Making gifts at home adds the perfect personal touch that you’re always searching for, and is a thrifty way to get through that dreaded holiday shopping list. The editors of AllFreeSlowCookerRecipes are of the opinion […]

The Star of Your Holiday Party Menu: Our Version of Slow Cooker Party Meatballs

Our Version of Slow Cooker Party Meatballs

The holiday season can get expensive, and it’s often stressful planning your holiday party menu if you’re hosting this year. We’ve got delicious and easy holiday party ideas on that are sure to help in your holiday entertaining preparation. From dips and finger foods, to sweets and drinks, we’ve got you covered! Among slow […]

How To Make Pumpkin Puree in Your Slow Cooker

pumpkin puree slow cooker recipes collage

With fall upon us, many of you might be in the midst of making all things pumpkin. Using homemade pumpkin puree in your recipes is not only totally easy, but it can be done right in the comfort of your own home. Say “goodbye” to store-bought pumpkin puree, and creatively recycle your left over pieces […]