Eggless Cookie Dough Truffles


Hey there! Holly from Revamperate again and today I’m sharing a recipe of your dreams because it involves lots of cookie dough! Even better, it’s cookie dough that your mother won’t yell at your for eating because it’s egg-free, and it doesn’t get any better than that. You have no excuse not to eat cookie […]

20+ Easy Gluten Free Cake Recipes for Everyone to Love

Easy Gluten Free Cake Recipes featured image

I love cake. I look forward to my birthday every year because I get to choose my favorite cake flavor (either chocolate with cream cheese frosting or mint chocolate chip ice cream cake) and then I have first dibs on the leftovers for days after. It’s the best few days of the year because there […]

Link Love: 7 Sweet Recipes Celebrating the American Chef in Paris

Julia Child Blog Post (RC)

Happy birthday to the culinary maverick and inspiration to home cooks everywhere, Julia Child! The French chef would have been 104 today, however, her memory, spirit, and recipes still live on in our kitchens and in our hearts. To mark another year of exceptional cooking and delectable cuisine, we gathered 7 of Mrs. Child’s iconic dessert […]

No-Bake Dessert: Light Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pie Recipe


Think Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Yum! But not so healthy. I’ve put a healthy spin on Reese’s flavor with my Healthy T Light Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pie. Want to hear the best part? There’s no baking required! This Healthy T recipe calls for less than 10 ingredients. It’s light, dreamy and delicious. This Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pie […]

16 of the Best Southern Peach Recipes

16 of the Best Southern Peach Recipes

I’ll be honest; I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Sure, I love desserts — who doesn’t? But for the most part, I seem to favor more savory foods. But the big exception to this, for me, is peach desserts. If you hand me a plate of peach cobbler or a peach pie with […]

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too With These Healthy Cake Recipes

Healthy Cake Recipes

There is nothing more satisfying than digging into a large, delicious piece of cake. It doesn’t matter the shape or size; from mini cupcakes to large sheet cakes, the combination of fluffy cake and creamy frosting just can’t be beat. Whether your favorite is a chocolate-laden monstrosity or a simple angel food cake, it is […]

11 Cobbler Recipes for a Summer Potluck

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When you look at your calendar this summer, you probably feel some surprise at how many gatherings that you have to find potluck recipes for. Summer can be a crazy season, and the last thing you want to do is stress out over dishes to share with loved ones. Even if you don’t have a […]

9 Italian Dessert Recipes That Will Transport You to Rome

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When you get the craving for a taste of Italian desserts, you know that no other sweet will do. From that cool, creamy gelato, to the rich taste of cannoli, nobody makes desserts like the Italians. This list of Italian pastries and desserts will help soothe that yearning for the beautiful (and sweet) country of Italy. […]

Pokémon Go Inspired Cookies Recipe


Obsessed with the new Pokémon Go game? I don’t think anyone thought this game would actually change the world! But it already has. People are still wandering around staring at their phones, but now there’s a sense of community about that activity. It’s really inspiring! People are probably going to meet and become friends because […]

Flipping Our Fins Over This Easy Mermaid JELL-O Dessert


Get ready to flip the fins out when you see how cute this JELL-O dessert recipe truly is! We’re all about mermaids this summer. From hairstyles to home decor, princesses of the sea are definitely trending. As The Little Mermaid‘s Sebastian the crab* once pointed out, life is pretty much AMAZING under the sea, so […]