New From Our Test Kitchen: Texas De Brazil Cous Cous Copycat Recipe


Texas De Brazil has some great recipes that keep our copycat recipe fans coming back for more. We’ve had a lot of reader comments asking for a Texas De Brazil Cous Cous Copycat Recipe, and our Test Kitchen has delivered. When you can’t get enough cous cous at your favorite restaurant, make this exciting dish […]

Copycat Recipe: Starbucks-Inspired Green Tea Latte Bars with Cream Cheese Drizzle

Green Tea Latte Bars with Cream Cheese Drizzle | Revamperate

Hello! This is Holly from Revamperate again, and I’m here to talk about tea. More importantly, matcha green tea! Ever had it? I had a matcha green tea latte at Starbucks once, and I wasn’t very convinced, but this time is different. Like any good Starbucks drink, I figured it would probably make a really good […]

All-Star Recipe: Kentucky-Style Fried Chicken


Look for our All-Star recipe every Wednesday. These quick, easy recipes are the best of the best!   If you’re a fried chicken recipe fan, this one is a must-have! This KFC-inspired fried chicken recipe from is as close as you can get to the fast food giant’s signature taste. Kentucky-Style Fried Chicken is […]

7 Copycat Dump Dinners for Spring + Swiss Diamond Cookware Set Giveaway!


Dump dinners and spring are the best combination. Any easy recipe that gives me more time to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air (though it’s still a bit chilly) is a good option! The days are getting longer, and my patience in the kitchen is getting shorter. Game plan: Come home from work, toss […]

9 Copycat Recipes for Food Network Stars


Can’t get enough Food Network? Sometimes I suspect that channel is using mind control, because I turn it on and before I know it, the whole day is gone. I am lost in this sea of amazing cooks with their perfect kitchens and mouth-watering recipes. Foodie paradise! Do you dream in red Food Network logos? […]

12 Copycat Starbucks Recipes: Make Your Fall Favorites


Ah, PSL. What would fall be without Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte? Stopping by to wave hello to the green lady and pick up a refreshing drink from Starbucks has become just another fall ritual so many of us look forward to. Is there anything better than wrapping your hands around a hot drink and letting […]

Southern Recipes Inspired by Paula Deen


It was recently announced that Paula Deen will be on Dancing With The Stars, and her fans are pretty excited. In light of this news, we’d like to share our most popular Paula Deen-inspired recipes. As a Georgian lady, Deen’s cooking philosophy is butter, butter, and more butter – a familiar tactic to any Southern […]

Just Like Popeye’s Fried Chicken: Copycat Recipes


Love Louisiana cookin’? Then you’re probably familiar with Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, which brings a fast food version of southern dishes to the rest of America. The main thing you need to get right about a po boy sandwich is the fried chicken, and Popeye’s has it down to a buttery science. Thing is, if you’re […]

Eat Like It’s Friday Every Day: 10 Copycat TGI Friday’s Recipes


If there’s one restaurant that really lives up to its name, TGI Friday’s does it every time. It may be a chain, but it’s got an easy-going feeling when you walk in, and you know the food is going to be good. That’s probably why my parents want to go there basically all the time […]