Homemade Shamrock Shake Recipe: Your Favorite Copycat Drink


I promise I’m not speaking blarney when I say THE TIME HAS COME! Shamrock shake season is back, and we could drink one of those refreshing, minty shakes every day in March. Shamrock shakes taste like spring, and holding one should definitely make you pinch-proof (hey, it’s green!). If you just can’t get enough and […]

Buon appetito! 22 Tasty Copycat Olive Garden Recipes That Rock

Copycat Olive Garden Recipes

There’s no denying that, if given the choice or opportunity (or unlimited eating powers), I would eat through the entire Olive Garden menu in a single sitting. I just can’t help myself. While a lot of my old Italian relatives scorn the Olive Garden for not being 100% authentic Italian food, I don’t care. To […]

The Best Homemade Dole Whip + 14 Delicious Copycat Disney Recipes

Homemade Disney Dole Whip

Let’s get one thing straight: If you’ve never tried Disney’s world-famous Dole Whip (and Dole Whip Floats), you haven’t lived. There are only a select few places that you can find this delicious, tropical treat in Disney parks and the line is usually gigantic. However, it’s totally worth it. It’s been a year since I […]

Yo Quiero Copycat Taco Bell Recipes!

Copycat Taco Bell Quesarito

When it comes to fast food, Taco Bell is definitely one of our favorite go-tos! They’ve slowly become the king of fast food (and for good reason). Just think about it. In the last two years alone, they’ve created Doritos Locos Tacos (which is the best taco idea we’ve honestly ever heard), launched a revolutionary […]

The Top 5 Tips for Eating Out Gluten Free + Copycat Restaurant Recipes for Your Kitchen!

The Top 5 Tips for Eating Out Gluten Free + Restaurant Copycat Recipes for Your Kitchen

We all know that eating out while following a gluten free diet can be difficult at times. There is a lot of preparation and research that goes into a restaurant choice. You need to determine the gluten free options available to you and find out how gluten free meals are prepared at the specific restaurant. Just […]

New Fall Favorite: Better Than Starbucks Apple Pound Cake

New Fall Favorite: Better Than Starbucks Apple Pound Cake The time has arrived for all our favorite restaurants to debut their seasonal menus. In other words, apples and pumpkin-spice take over! This year, restaurant chains like Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Panera, and more are showcasing new desserts and drinks. One of our personal favorites is the […]

Pumpkin-Flavored “Everything” Season has Arrived! Rejoice with 16 Pumpkin Recipes

Each year, around this time, restaurants start to debut their fall seasonal menus. One thing is a constant on these menus: pumpkin. Pumpkin-flavored everything will soon be everywhere and we have the best homemade versions for you on AllFreeCopycatRecipes.com. Whether you are dying for a Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte or you just go crazy for […]

Dine with the Downton’s, the Duck Hunters, and the Duggar’s


If you’re like me, you watch shows, see characters cooking  a delicious something-or-other for dinner, want that something for yourself, then end up settling for something else you found in the back of your refrigerator. Settle no more, fellow television enthusiasts! Some of our favorite TV stars have dished (see what I did there?) some […]

Straight from the Test Kitchen: Olive Garden Copycat House Dressing

Making your own dressing at home is extremely easy, cost effective, and of course, tasty! There are a few restaurants across the country that are world-famous for their dressings and we know all their secrets here at AllFreeCopycatRecipes.com. Whether you like your dressings creamy or lite, there is a homemade dressing recipe for you. Olive […]

Take-out Fakeout: 8 Chinese Food Recipes You Can Make at Home

Chinese food has become synonymous with take-out, but that certainly doesn’t have to be the case in your home. Chinese food recipes can be simple to make, even for a home cook. There are many options when it comes to cooking this beloved cuisine. For one, there are sauce recipes galore! Whether you like a […]