7 New Dump Dinners for the New Year


We sure love our dump dinners here at RecipeChatter. People deserve quick and easy dinner ideas on the regular! On weekdays, there often isn’t time to get too crazy with new recipes. If you find something that looks good, it better be simple and take little preparation. Dump dinner recipes to the rescue! From soups […]

20+ Slow Cooker Recipes for Christmas Breakfast


On Christmas morning, you want to see what Santa brought, right? You can see the bottom of your fry pan any old day – this is a holiday. Treat yourself by making breakfast a breeze with slow cooker breakfast recipes. Just dump the ingredients into your slow cooker before you leave out those milk and […]

20+ Holiday Slow Cooker Recipes for a No-Fuss Feast


Relaxing is a top goal for the holidays. Whether you’re working or taking a vacation, family time shouldn’t be burdened with lots of food preparation and chores. Thankfully, your slow cooker can save you a lot of time and effort so you can cater to your holiday wishes. Give yourself a no-fuss feast with slow […]

#SlowCookerWeek: 20 Best Thanksgiving Slow Cooker Recipes


If you aren’t using your slow cooker for at least one recipe this Thanksgiving, you’re doing it wrong. Honestly. Make it easy on yourself. You’ll be juggling so many dishes that it will be a huge relief to have one slow cooker recipe that you can just set and forget until it’s time for the […]

#SlowCookerWeek: Slow Cooker Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipe


The holidays are in full swing, and you’ll be prepared with this Slow Cooker Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipe from Healthy T’s Tarah Thorne, created just for #SlowCookerWeek! Thanksgiving has a reputation, right? No one sits down at the dinner table with their pants buttoned too tight. So, how can we get through the holidays without […]

#SlowCookerWeek: Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Recipe


I’m Marie from Underground Crafter and I’m delighted to share one of my new favorite recipes with you. I love butternut squash but I’ve always been intimidated by cooking it. I lack the knife skills to do the traditional “slice in half, bake in the oven” preparation method, but I don’t like spending extra to […]

#SlowCookerWeek: Mom’s Slow Cooker Stuffing Recipe

Mom's Slow Cooker Stuffing 4

My Mom’s Slow Cooker Stuffing is an easy twist on the classic family-favorite recipe that has been served at Thanksgiving for over 30 years! Full of rich flavor from sausage, oysters, and mushrooms, this decadent holiday side dish is the perfect companion for a tender and juicy turkey! Hi, friends! I’m so glad to be […]

#SlowCookerWeek: One Week of Perfect Slow Cooker Recipes


Welcome to #SlowCookerWeek on RecipeChatter! This week we’re celebrating your no. 1 kitchen hero — your slow cooker. How many times has your slow cooker saved the day by doing the work for you? The holiday season is definitely a good time to remember your old friend, and rely on it! Here at RecipeChatter, we […]

13 Pan-Fried Recipes + Swiss Diamond Saute Pan Giveaway


Pan-fried recipes are a great way to complement a slow cooker main course. They’re just as easy as a slow cooker recipe, just a bit quicker. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a quality saute pan. Make your own sauces, brown meat, or cook veggies – your saute pan will cut down on dirty […]

10+ Labor Day Potluck Slow Cooker Recipes


Labor Day Weekend… yes yes yes! Is there anyone who doesn’t need this break? We’ve been zooming through this year. Everyone I know is at peak stress. Take a deep breath, and exhale. Make some room in your mouth for delicious potluck recipes. We’re gonna be okay. I’m going to make this really easy for […]