10 No-Bake Desserts to Impress Teachers


Look, teachers are just as nervous and excited about the new school year as the students. In fact, they’ve also been slightly dreading the first day of school because it means the end of summer. Teacher friends on Facebook have been sharing posters that say things like “August is like one long Sunday evening,” so […]

Old-Fashioned Cinnamon Streusel Peach Cake Recipe

Peach Cake 3

There’s no better way to enjoy sweet, ripe, and juicy peaches than in this easy Old-Fashioned Cinnamon Streusel Peach Cake Recipe! It’s perfect for breakfast, brunch, snack, or dessert and it comes together in just minutes (thanks to some help from a boxed cake mix)! But beware — this sweet treat yellow cake mix recipe […]

A Twist On a Disney Parks Favorite: Peach Dole Whip Recipe


If you’re a fan of Dole Whip at Disney parks… you’re in for a treat! For those unfamiliar, Dole Whips are a refreshing treat sold at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. People go absolutely crazy for the soft-served frozen Dole pineapple, swirled perfectly to cool you down on a hot day at the parks. There […]

20+ Southern Cobbler Dump Cakes: Easy Peach Cobbler and More


As a mega fan of apple pies (and all fruity desserts), I have to say that cobblers take the cake. As in, cobblers are totally better than cake. They are gooey, warm, and sweet in the best way. All that crumbly stuff? Just plain addicting. I can barely tell you why easy cobbler recipes are […]

Italian Dessert Recipes From The Old Country


Are you a fan of la dolce vida – that is, stuffing Italian desserts into your face? “La dolce vida” means the sweet life, and Italians certainly know how to live it. They don’t shy away from decadence and indulgence when it comes to food. Italian desserts are some of the most beautiful and intriguing […]

Summer Dessert Recipe: No-Bake Chocolate Strawberry Bars

No-Bake Chocolate Strawberry Bars 2

Take advantage of fresh produce and whip up a batch of these No-Bake Chocolate Strawberry Bars! Your kitchen will stay cool, and you will have a delicious and easy dessert without much effort. With rich chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, and chunks of juicy red berries, this no-bake dessert recipe is perfect for the lazy days of […]

Grandma Called: She Wants You to Have These 10 Easy Pie Recipes


Ring, ring. Hey there dearie. It’s me, Grandma. Just calling to make sure you remember the important things in life. Namely, pie. You’re always wondering how I stayed so beautiful, and how I’ve managed to live to be 98-years-young. I will tell you, my darling: I ate a lot of pie. The secret to staying […]

Best Ways to Use Your Bundt Pan: 11 Bundt Cake Recipes


Bundt cake recipes are so cute. They look more professional than a sheet cake – in fact, people will think it’s store-bought! A Bundt pan is a great investment for anyone who loves baking. There’s a lot of tradition behind these round cakes, too. Bundt cakes are based on traditional German cakes with a hole […]

Link Love: 10 Poke Cake Recipes for Lazy Girls


Cake mix recipes are perfect for lazy people like me. I love that in just a few steps, I can take a cake from store-bought to homemade. So what if I took some shortcuts? Shortcuts are a benefit of living in the modern world – and between work and our social lives, we definitely have […]