Going Vegan: 10 Things I’ve Learned So Far


“So, what do you eat?” Oh yes. I’ve been guilty of asking this question to a vegan. It’s hard sometimes when you’re eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) to understand how someone could enjoy a meal without a big juicy slab of meat or a cold glass of milk. But it’s entirely and completely possible. […]

Learning From the Pros: Tips, Tricks and Knowledge on Vegetarian Cooking


On November 13, I attended a cooking class at cookware giant Sur La Table. The topic: Vegetarian dishes. Our fearless leader, teacher, and chef/owner at Sweet Cassava, Susan Taves, led our group of eight down an unforgettable path of new discoveries, interesting factoids about food and the world of professional cooking, and best of all […]

Guest Post: The Best Vegetarian Chili EVER


This post comes to us from food blogger Anjali Shah, creator of The Picky Eater blog. Anjali writes about healthy food that she says is “husband-approved.” My husband has always been a bit skeptical of vegetarian chilis. The classic response from him when I make a vegetarian chili recipe is: *taste* *pause* “this is pretty […]

Keep Warm This Winter: 5 Gluten Free Vegetarian Meals

Baby, it’s cold outside. As the temperature begins to drop, our need to stay warm begins to rise. One thing many of you do to stay warm is to snuggle underneath a blanket or turn up the temperature inside your house. However, in my opinion, the best way to keep warm is to eat a big […]

Bright Winter Salads


If I get offered one more leftover Christmas cookie, I think I might die. I am completely overstuffed, over-sugared, and just plain over desserts. My body officially hates me and I’m ready to start being nice to her again. Nicely enough, I have a plethora of healthy food recipes to try and choose from. They’re […]

Garden Salads- Take Advantage of Your Yard

Who would have thought that my favorite spot at home wouldn’t be inside my house at all? Instead, I find myself drawn to the fenced in area out back where a swing set used to sit. The space that used to be either a pirate ship, or a secret dungeon where I was held captive […]

Grilled Fennel and Bean Salad with Lemon Sage Dressing


This FaveHealthyRecipes guest post and recipe comes from Susan from The Wimpy Vegetarian Memorial Day weekends of my youth were always spent in one of two places.  Either my dad dragged us all to the Monongahela River for a weekend of boating (rain or shine), or we stayed home and went to the neighborhood holiday […]

Guest Post: Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake


This post comes to us from our friends at BnBfinder, a special thanks to Marisa for this great gluten-free recipe. After you check out this awesome recipe below, feel free to check out this irresistible Easy Flour-less Chocolate Fudge Cake; another great idea for cutting out the gluten. —– It can be hard to say […]