Coffee-mate Creamer – What Flavor Are You?

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And what do most people have when they first wake up? Coffee! Some of us at RecipeLion headquarters need our daily fix of coffee to go with our fantastic breakfast recipes. It’s even good with dessert. Can you imagine a great brownie recipe without a warm cup of coffee to slurp on? We simply cannot.

The next important question we have for you is how do you take your coffee? Our friends over at Coffee-mate conducted a little survey to see what creamer flavor you and your city preferred. Thousands responded to the question – What’s Your Flavor? – through their Coffee-mate Flavor Profiler, and the results are in. They’ve compiled the most popular flavor personalities in each city and reported their answers. And let us tell you, we were surprised by the results! Check it out and see where you and your city match up!

New York

• Crème Brulée exotic, refined, indulgent, fancy, cultured, romantic, trendy


• Café Mocha distinctive, mature, loyal, popular, sophisticated


• Hazelnut traditional, warm, positive, flexible, reliable, simple, understanding

San Francisco

• Amaretto nurturing, funny, thoughtful, original, trustworthy, studious


• White Chocolate Caramel Latte always on the go, super sweet, stylish, complex

Where do you fit? If you don’t see a flavor that matches up with what you think you and your city would be, check out the Personality Profiler below. We would love to hear your feedback. Be sure to also check out this fantastic cookie recipe from our friends at Coffee-mate.  It’s too good to pass up!


Check our more recipe from our friends over at Coffee-mate.


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