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RecipeLion is proud to bring you our brand new contest – Cookie Smackdown. We’ve collected some delicious cookies from our favorite bloggers, and need your help to pick out the best recipe. All you have to do is vote for your favorite and then leave a comment on this page answering the question “What’s your favorite kind of cookie?

By voting and leaving a comment you are then automatically entered to win a copy of  Betty Crocker’s The  Big Book of Cookies cookbook. We need your help deciding which of these decadent cookies deserves the title of  “the best.”

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The winning cookie recipe will be featured in our newsletter for all of our readers to see. So, look over these delicious cookies and see which one is calling out your name. After you vote and leave a comment, there is only one thing left for you to do, and that is to try them all. Good luck and happy voting!


Vote for Your Favorite Cookie

Vote. Comment. Win. -


betty crocker Cookie Smackdown & Giveaway   Vote for Your Favorite & Win



  • Only one vote and comment per person on this blog post , duplicate comments will be deleted and are not tallied.
  • Winner will be selected at random from the comments here on this blog post.
  • Winner will be announced here on the blog Monday, December 24th as well as contacted by the email address provided.
  • You have until Sunday, December 23rdth at 11:59p EST to leave your comment. Comments posted after that will not be counted.
  • Contest open to anyone 18+ in US and/or Canada.


What’s your favorite kind of cookie?



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  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Cookie Smackdown & Giveaway   Vote for Your Favorite & Win
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Cookie Smackdown & Giveaway   Vote for Your Favorite & Win
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Cookie Smackdown & Giveaway   Vote for Your Favorite & Win
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Cookie Smackdown & Giveaway   Vote for Your Favorite & Win
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Cookie Smackdown & Giveaway   Vote for Your Favorite & Win
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Cookie Smackdown & Giveaway   Vote for Your Favorite & Win
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Cookie Smackdown & Giveaway   Vote for Your Favorite & Win
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Cookie Smackdown & Giveaway   Vote for Your Favorite & Win


  1. Virginia McLean says:

    I love cookies that not too overly sweet. A nice chewy cookie.

  2. Patricia Hill says:

    Soft Egg Nog Cookies

  3. edward jensen says:

    like mint and like chocolate chocolate mint crinkles

  4. edward jensen says:

    chocolate and peppermint can’t be beat

  5. I voted for the chocolate peppermint crinkles, but they are all yummy!

  6. Is there really a bad cookie?

    I think not! But my favorite would be something with chocolate in it, or chocolate chips.

  7. Patti Howard says:

    I love all sorts of cookies!

  8. I Enjoy any Cookie that is loaded with Chocolate and Nuts of All kinds

  9. Jayne Homsher says:

    When I make cookies and eat cookies I want sweet treats that inspire me to want to keep baking away! Love to give cookie gifts throughout the year!

  10. Carol Collett says:

    Macadamia Nut and White Chocolate

  11. i voted for the cherry blossom cookie

  12. DOROTHY HARDY says:

    The egg bog are my favorite! They really say Christmas!

  13. Mmmm egg nog cookies!

  14. Paula Churchill says:

    Like the cherry blossom cookies

  15. Diane Claudio says:

    The Orange Crinkle Cookies are delicious, Light, & a nice change from the regular chocolate & sugar cookies. I Love Them!

  16. Patricia Lehman says:

    They all look so good.

  17. sharon kellett says:

    my favourite cookie is a viennese finger

  18. Most definitely white chocolate chip/cranberry/macademia nut

  19. I love almost all cookies. I, do however, feel that cranberries, raisins, or basically anything that falls into the berry category does not belong in a cookie. My favorite cookies have both chocolate and some form of nuts in them. The chocolate caramel cashew cookies listed above sound delicious. I might just have to go make some.

  20. Helen Charbonneau says:

    CHocolate Covered Marshmellows called church windows because they are made with colored marshmellow in a row than sliced. You have a great many choices with this row powder sugar, coconut, nuts.

  21. Eileen Buxton says:

    Love, love, love cookies and milk. Think I’ll go get some right now.

  22. Holy smokes. Those chocolate hazelnut cookies (#10) look amazing. I would love to try making those puppies gluten free. Yum!

  23. richard campbell says:

    these look amazing snickerdoodles are my favorite and I bet these are better

  24. Carol Yemola says:

    I absolutely love a soft vanilla or sugar cookie with a light confectioner sugar icing. Yummy with ice cold milk!

  25. vickie chappie says:

    Love the chocolate peppermint combination

  26. I voted for the cinnamon bun cookie.

  27. Snowballs!

  28. 15. Chocolate Caramel Cashew Cookie Bars!!

  29. connie haney says:

    rum ball cookies, are great . They remind me of my mom, she always made them. but all cookies are great!

  30. Melissa L. says:

    I love soft sugar cookies or thumprints. However, I love baking them more.

  31. They all look great but the Cashew Cookie Bars look so yummy!!

  32. I like cranberry date square bars

  33. Alicia Bailey says:

    Yum! Cookies. I love the idea of making something new. And almost everything from the dollar store!

  34. Monster Cookies – can’t beat them!

  35. Kathleen Lackey-Painter says:

    I love any cookie with a hint of citrus (orange, lemon, lime) and dusted with sanding sugar.

  36. sheilah alley says:

    Well I love all cookies,but my favorite ones are the rumball cookie.

  37. I love chocolate caramel cashew cookie bars. A nice combination of all my favorite flavors.

  38. Anita Cornetto says:

    I love brown sugar shortbread and pecan crescents, but I can’t wait to try those cashew cookie bars…they look yummy!

  39. cindy calise says:

    cookies are all good!

  40. Lia Simpson says:


  41. Sonya Wiren says:

    Some great cookies/recipes posted here. It was hard but I had to go with the Chocolate Caramel Concoctions (15). What an interesting variety of flavors and texture!

  42. Karen Mathes says:


  43. Denise Alberty-Small says:

    My very favorite cookie is a vanilla pizzelle!

  44. Mikki Lewis says:

    The reindeer cookies are *adorable* and the ones that stole my heart! I hope they win!!! Now, gotta get the stuff to make some soon!

  45. I tried the Cherry Blossom cookies for the cookie exchange at my work. Every loved them!

  46. Dot Harkleroad says:

    Orange Crinckle Cookies have got to b my favorite out of these..but nothing beats a good and chewy warm chocolate chip

  47. I love chewy ginger cookies!

  48. I’m not that big of a fan of ginger cookies, but made some last week and they were so great! They were a recipe very similar to the one linked. They are my husband’s favorite.

  49. I love mexican wedding cookies, peanut butter cookies, and shortbread. Nothing beats fresh hot cookies with icy cold milk just about anytime of the year.

  50. Kristina Bettenhausen says:

    My favorite cookie is a mint meltaway

  51. Cathy Horonzy says:

    Cherry Blossom Cookie 100%. Just like a chocolate covered cherry ~ only more!!

  52. Carole Parsons says:

    I have always loved peanut butter cookies so I always try new recipes. but I still like the ones I made as a kid.

  53. Margie Menke says:

    In Junior high I learned to make Cherry Winks. Cherries corn flakes and the reg stuff. A soft and delicious cookie, I still love them.

  54. Lemon cookies are my favorite :)

  55. Orange crinkle cookies

  56. My Fav cookie this year is oatmeal mint chip and cranberry.

  57. Rae Henderson says:

    The chewy ginger cookies because they’re easy to make and I have all the ingredients.

  58. I looooove sugar cookies but I love just about any kind of cookie :D

  59. Def love the Cashew bars #15, Can’t wait to try them ;)

  60. Soft ginger snap cookies are favorite .

  61. They All look YUMMY!!!!

  62. Cashew cookie bar looks amazing.

  63. Gotta love cherry and chocolate together! But, most anything with chocolate tastes good!

  64. Donna Ingalls says:

    I love the Chocolate Caramel Cashew Cookie Bars. Yummy! They are all my favorites in one cookie.

  65. Orange Crinkle Cookies

  66. Dawn Onuffer says:

    I love any kind of shortbread, so I chose the Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies.

  67. So many good looking recipes…can’t wait to try them all!

  68. Rina Horenian says:

    The chewy ginger cookies look yummy!

  69. William Judd says:

    You had me at RUM….MMMmmmmmm! LOL

  70. Love the rein-dear cookies, so cute!

  71. Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies – What’s not to love!

  72. Teresa Laraia says:

    I always like different things, so that being said I’d choose the Irish Soda Bread Cookie. This looks like a good coffee cookie and not overly sweet ;-)

  73. Mary Ann Coleman says:

    I love any kind of cookie with fruit in it.

  74. I voted for Mommy’s Kitchen and her soft eggnog cookies! Yum.

  75. I love to make cookies with my 6, 5, and 3 year old grandchildren! This recipe book would be great!! Thanks.

  76. I love all cookies, but chocolate no-bake cookies are my favorite!

  77. Soft egg nog cookies, yum.

  78. Tari Millis says:

    I am a chocoholic so I love just about any cookie that has chocolate in it. Chocolate no-bakes are my favorite though.

  79. Jennifer Hill says:

    My husband will love the soft eggnog cookies!!

  80. Kelley Van Den Broek says:

    Rum Balls mmmm they are the best. I love the different flavouring in my mouth. I make sure I have these on at christms!

  81. Alvina Castro says:

    I wish I could samle all the cookies! Yummers ;)

  82. Vicki Chambliss says:

    Soft Eggnog Cookies……..eggnog makes everything better!

  83. cherry blossem fo me today

  84. Pamela Wrona says:

    Number 9 — the Sandbakkels. I am a big fan of any kind of shortbread cookies and these look so pretty with the special shape!

  85. Brunella Brunet says:

    soft eggnog cookies look sooo good. would love to win a copy of the cookie cookbook. Thanks for the chance. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  86. I voted for the Best Ever Rum Balls. They look just like my favorite holiday truffles!

    Happy Holidays :)

  87. Ruth Naylor says:

    I love a soft, spicy cookie. Snickerdoodles are one of my faves!

  88. Ileen Litster says:

    I haven’t found a cookie I didn’t like!

  89. Josie Relph says:

    Cherries and Chocolate are my darling daughter’s favorite!! And I give them a kiss on top! I love these

  90. My favorite cookie – chewy double chocolate. Can’t go wrong with chocolate

  91. My favorite is a family tradition – Coconut Jam-filled Cookies, we called them “Birdnests” growing up.

  92. What is there not to love about chocolate, cashews and caramel:) Bring it on with a glass of milk or coffee…yum!

  93. Joyce Fischer says:

    I love ginger cookies with a cup of coffee.

  94. jenny poteete says:

    Soft egg nog cookies I would love to try these

  95. recipes look yummy – can’t wait to start trying them!

  96. My Grandmother used to make an oatmeal cookie with date filling. LOVED it. Wish I had her recipe for it!

  97. Michelle Hill says:

    I love pumpkin cookies with maple icing!

  98. #7 Candy Cane Framed Cookies. Combines two of my favorite things for the holidays candy cane and cookies!

  99. sandbakkals

  100. Kristina Howden says:

    I absolutely want to try to bake these eggnog cookies they are new to me! They sound awfully terribly good! Me eat cookies like cookie monster…

  101. Cheryl Goldman says:

    I love cookies! Good old Toll House, aka Chocolate Chip, cookies are my favorites! Here I voted for the candy cane hearts because they look so yummy and are so very very cute! Happy Holidays!

  102. Salty peanut crisps from the Betty Crocker 1963 Cooky Book

  103. i love making cookies for christmas and bringing them to family parties!!

  104. My favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin, choc chip, walnut . I will be making the soft eggnog cookies as these are some of my favorite flavors.

  105. DANIELA CIRILLO says:

    I love Cherry Blossom Cookies , so elegant!

  106. Great links for all the cookies. Cant wait to start baking. Have to get Santas cookies ready. My vote was for the Hazelnut YUM!

  107. Patricia Miller says:

    Soft Eggnog cookies! Yum!

  108. So many cookies, so little time. But I have to go with the chewy double chocolate cookie.

  109. Gerri Turner says:

    I love chewy cookies and shortbread at Christmas

  110. alyce poalillo says:

    CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT SHORTBREAD COOKIES would be my favorite of these but I love plain old chocolate chip all year

  111. John McNeely says:

    I’m sorry the Cinnamon Bun Sugar Cookies have to be the winner. I mean really Cinnamon has to be the best spice ever. Cinnamon rolls, oatmeal raisin cookies have cinnamon, amish friendship bread, cinnamon gum. What’s not to like.


  113. Cinnamon Bun Sugar Cookies catch my eye as the ones I’d like to try the most

  114. carl stites says:

    ilove to make and eat great rum ball and i don,t that there is anything better if they are made right

  115. I voted for the cinnamon bun cookies here, but I also like any cookie with chocolate- chips, chunks, I love them all.

  116. Linda Walker says:

    My favorite are sugar cookies but those chocolate caramel pecan cookie bars look yummy!

  117. Lorraine Tutte says:

    Chocolate and shortbread, two of my favorite things

  118. LINDA LLOYD says:

    I made these cookies and my whole family loved them.

  119. I love anything chocolate.

  120. linda montano says:

    orange crinkle… it!

  121. Debbie Chaney says:

    Who could resist those adorable Rein-Dear Cookies????

  122. Elizabeth Bone says:

    I’m a chocoholic and these will satisfy even a chocoholic like me. They are super@

  123. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip with nut (lots of nuts). I chose the chocolate cookies to vote for.

  124. danielle lima says:

    Cinnamon Bun Sugar Cookies

  125. I voted for the Cherry Blossom Cookie. It was a tie between this one and the Cinnamon Bun Sugar cookies, but the chocolate kiss won!

  126. Rebecca Wilson says:

    The cherry blossom cookies look really good to me.

  127. Lora Allen says:

    I voted for the cherry blossom cookies but they all look wonderful.

  128. I voted for the double chocolate cookie…I’m a chocoholic!

  129. anything with chocolate works for me

  130. Love cinnamon buns

  131. I love bar cookies and when they have my favorite ingredients of caramel, chocolate, and cashew nuts, then it is the winner for me.

  132. Julie Baldwin says:

    My new favorite cookie id a pepper mint shortbread .

  133. I love peanut butter blossoms.

  134. Karen Hill says:

    Rum Balls are delicious! That is what I voted for. My favorite cookie that I make for the holidays every year is a Chocolate Pepper Nut. It is a chocolate spice cookie that is iced. A different flavor…yum.

  135. These look wonderful, and so do all the rest. I just love cookies!

  136. I voted for the soft eggnog cookies.

  137. I am an old fashioned cook that loves cooking from scratch. My grandmothers, and father were excellent cooks and I learned from the best. The old fashioned sour cream sugar cookies are the most favorite during any holiday with my grandchildren and we have a wonderful time 3 generations of us decorating them. I wish my dad and mom were still alive to enjoy it, but they are in a better place. They are together and happy.

  138. I voted for the rum balls! They just look so cute! and after all, it is a celebration!
    Keep up the great work!! I’m going to try to make some of these recipes… like the Irish soda bread and rum balls… it was really hard to decide which to vote for…:)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  139. Audrey Euneau says:

    Eggnog cookies say Christmas!

  140. Nicole Lancaster says:

    Ginger Snaps are my favorite cookie but I vote for Sandbakkels they look delicious.

  141. JAMES LYNAM says:


  142. Stephanie Larison says:

    Orange Crinkle Cookies

  143. I would choose orange crinkle from those above but white chocolate macadamia nut cookies are my favorite.Thanks!

  144. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I like chewy goooey chocolate chip cookies.

  145. My favorite cookie is one my grandma made – Crybaby Cookies.

  146. I voted for number 12 Cherry Blossom Cookies. I host a Cookie Swap every year so I made these last year and everyone absolutely loved them. They wanted me to make them again this year but I made another Cookie. This is my 6th year for the Swap so I would REALLY LOVE the Cookie Book!

  147. I love peanut butter cookies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  148. heather houseknecht says:

    Chewy double chocolate YUM!

  149. I like snickerdoodles and double chocolate chip cookies.

  150. I baked the Orange Crinkle Cookies last night and everyone loves the cookies! They are very fresh and yummy!

  151. wendy hutton says:

    monster cookies

  152. Christine Stewart says:

    I can’t make molasses cookies or I will eat them all! I voted for eggnog on here. :)

  153. kathy pease says:

    I voted for 15. Chocolate Caramel Cashew Cookie Bars

  154. diane Baum says:

    chocolate peppermint crinklesyummy

  155. Chocolate Chip cookies are my fave :)

  156. the cherry blossom cookie

  157. Chewy Double Chocolate cookies

  158. I voted for the nutella inspired chocolate hazelnut shortbread cookies!

  159. Tari Lawson says:

    I love gingerbread.

  160. TIA BEVERLY says:


  161. I would like the Cashew Cookie bars. My favorite type of cookie involves nuts like cashews or macadamia nuts. I then like chocolate chips or butterscotch chips added to it.

  162. Michelle Tucker says:

    I voted for the “Best ever rum balls”. My favorite kind of cookie is snickerdoodles.

  163. ooh, those Irish Soda bread cookies look interesting!

  164. christina holmes says:

    cinnamon bun sugar

  165. I voted for cinibun cookies

  166. They all look sooo good but I love the Cinnamon Bun Sugar Cookies!

  167. Gavin Chung says:

    Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies

  168. Buddy Garrett says:

    Chocolate Chip is my favorite.

  169. I love peanut butter cookies.

  170. Home-made chocolate chip cookies with walnuts are generally my favorites, but the orange crinkle cookies on this contest really caught my eye.

  171. Oatmeal raisin is my favorite.

  172. Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies.

  173. I love peanut butter with chocolate chips.

  174. Chocolate Caramel Hazelnut!

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