Cooking with Kids: How to Make a Tartufo Dessert Recipe – Part 2

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If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you saw part 1 of today’s story, Cooking with Kids: How to Make a Tartufo Dessert Recipe, yesterday.  Everyone in my house loves chocolate dessert recipes, and we made this one into an Oreo cookie recipe.  Yum!  The recipe continues…

So, the ice cream balls are cookie coated and frozen, time to melt the chocolate.  I handled this part by taking the chocolate chip/vegetable oil mixture and putting it in the microwave for the 2 1/2 minutes the recipe called for.   I put the bowl on the counter, making sure to let my son know not to touch because it would be HOT, and we stirred the chocolate to complete the melting process.  Oh, did I mention that when we were measuring the chocolate chips for the tartufo dessert recipe that he said it would be OK if he had “just 1 or 2 chocolate chips, Mommy.  You can have one too, you know.”  It was very cute. 🙂

Next comes putting the hot, melted chocolate onto the cold, frozen ice cream balls.  I brought the cookie sheet in from the deep freeze using a potholder, because metal becomes painful to touch when it reaches about 40 degrees below zero!  Probably wouldn’t have needed the potholder if I just stuck it in our kitchen freezer.  My son and I carefully spooned out the hot chocolate from the bowl and coated each cookie-coated ice cream ball as much as we could, then I popped the tray back into the freezer until after dinner.

We had a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, prepared by my loving husband, and had our delicious tartufo dessert recipe (or “tarfuffo,” as my son calls it) for dessert.  Did I mention that our deep freeze is about 40 below?  Had I the foresight to bring the finished tartufo into the house and temper it in the kitchen freezer or on the counter, we would have missed the delightful scene that played out next…

40 below is REALLY cold.  So cold, I mean you can’t even use a spoon to cut your ice cream ball (tartufo recipe or otherwise) into a bite-sized piece.  No matter, just pick the whole thing up and bite it!  That’s exactly what my 3 1/2-year-old son did.  It was so funny, but it worked.  He couldn’t really bite through the chocolate, but he managed to get it thawed enough between his mouth and his hands that it worked out just fine for him.  He was a chocolate mess, but a HAPPY chocolate mess for sure!

Would I recommend making this tartufo dessert recipe with your kids?  Absolutely!  Would I recommend making it even if you don’t have or know any kids?  Definitely!  Want to get a free copy of a Handstand Kids Cookbook Kit of your very own?  Click here to enter today!


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