Easy Apple Recipes for the Apples Falling on My Head

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Out in the orchards the branches are drooping low from the weight of ripened apples. Apple season is upon us and there are so many fantastic homemade apple recipes to be found on our site RecipeLion. You’ve probably already seen 17 Homemade Apple Pie Recipes and More. This has some apple pie recipes but it also includes recipes for Apple Pie Smoothies, Awesome Apple Pie Bars, and Apple Pie Cookies.  If you’re looking for other ways to use apples and not always in desserts, or ways to make sweet and savory apple recipes simply, I have a list you’re going to love from our friends at AllFreeSlowCookerRecipes.

They have 16 Slow Cooker Recipes with Apples. I am always surprised at what can be made in a slow cooker, like Apple Cake Dessert and even beer. Since we so often feature the sweet side of apples I’m going to instead feature two mouth watering, savory dinner slow cooker recipes from the above list. Slow cookers make dinner so easy. It’s great to have dinner made for you while you’re out working or running errands. When you come home, the place always smells fantastic and all you need to do is grab plates.


One of my favorite smells, a commonality I share with my Grandmother, is pot roast. Apple and Onion Beef Pot Roast Recipe roasts in the slow cooker for a tantalizing 5 to 6 hours. Aside from lightly browning the roast beforehand, this recipe is simply a matter of throwing the meat, sliced onion and apples, and ingredients for the sauce into the crock pot. It’s totally worth the minimal effort.


Fruity Pork Curry is a combination of flavors you have to try. Onion, apple, ginger, and curry all come together to make a unique and exotic tasting dish. This dish isn’t as spicy as other traditional curry recipes I’ve found but if your worried about too much or too little spice just add or subtract the curry to suit your taste. I think pork in the slow cooker is one of the best ways to cook it. With other methods like baking or grilling pork can often come out dry if not watched carefully. But with this recipe your guaranteed a moist piece of meat.

Make a day of these recipes. Go out to a local orchard, pick some apples with friends or family and make something tasty with them!

I found a few more savory apple, slow cooker dishes from blogger sites. This blogger’s site is one after my own heritage Quick German Recipes. How to Cook Ham emphasizes what I was saying earlier, pork cooks marvelously in the slow cooker, especially with a cup of apple juice to moisten it.

Grandma’s Slow Cooker Recipes has a tasty recipe for corned beef, Spicy Cider Corned Beef made with apple cider, oranges, brown sugar and cloves.

Lastly, Money Saving Mom has another great slow cooker recipe for us, Bacon Wrapped BBQ Chicken. I know it’s not the healthiest but anything bacon wrapped always taste incredible. There’s some healthy ingredients in there too like apples, broccoli, and potatoes. So don’t beat yourself up. Slow cook for sweet, succulent satisfaction.

I must admit I never had an apple fall on my head like the venerated Sir Issac Newton, but I have a very vivid memory from when I was six-years-old of losing my first tooth while biting into a tart Granny Smith Apple. What apple stories do you have?





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