Elegant Appetizer Recipes to Ring In the New Year

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With all these holidays coming hard and fast, one after the other, it can be easy to give New Year’s Eve a pass. But the New Year’s deserves its own moment in the sun, and there are so many easy appetizer recipes out there that you can easily get away with looking like a savvy chef with just a little bit of effort.

Snacking on a delicious bit of finger food as you usher out 2012 with friends and family is an easy goal to achieve.   Many appetizers for a party, though they may look complicated to your guests, are quite easy to make.  We’ve come up with a likely looking list of elegant and attractive starters that won’t cost you any time in the kitchen.  Grab one of these recipes and you’re halfway to celebrating New Year’s Eve in style.

These elegant appetizer recipes are designed to make you look like a brilliant and enterprising hostess, while only requiring a minimal amount of effort on your end. Sounds perfect, right? Throw one of these appetizers and a couple of low-calorie cocktails together and you’ve got yourself a party!

Everyone loves a mini-anything appetizer.  If you can make it small, it’s sure to be a hit starter.  These  Mini Frittatas are an excellent example of the mini-principle.  Of course, if something is easy to make full-sized, it’s pretty easy to shrink it down.  Jodi, from What’s Cooking Good Looking, created these tasty  Mini Artichoke and Chive Quiches that would be a huge hit at any New Year’s Eve party.  Anything small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, like these Cheesy Spinach Triangles, is fair game for party food.

Mini Quiche Mini Fritatas

Dips, soft cheeses, and pates are also great starters to make in a pinch.  Instead of making lots of little things, you can make one starter and let guests divvy it up amongst themselves. Make a festive Rustic Baked Brie, as created by Brandi Bidot from She Knows Food and Recipes, to entertain your guests.  Everyone loves a good cheese and crackers combination.  This Smoked Salmon Pate, by Michelle from The Greedy Gourmet, is another great appetizer to serve with crackers.  A veggie appetizer like the Deluxe Spinach Dip always goes over well too.

Smoked Salmon Pate

What’s your favorite type of food to eat at the New Year?


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