Fancy Up Your Dinner With Some Luxury Meatloaf

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Meatloaf, it’s a staple of American comfort food,  a go-to for Mom when she needs to feed the whole family without complaint. Because honestly you usually can’t really go wrong with meat and potatoes, it’s a classic.

But I’m here to tell you there’s more to meatloaf then just a lump of meat, there are so many possibilities. Sure you’ve added some onions, maybe some ketchup or even mustard to the top, but that’s nothing. These days’ people are putting all kinds of things in their meatloaf. Heck I remember that I ounce found an entire YouTube channel dedicated to people who describe how they have the best meatloaf recipe on earth. Everyone’s got a recipe and they all claim it’s the best.

So if you love meatloaf, like so many of us obviously do, maybe it’s time to break out of Grandma’s standard recipe box and add some real fun to that loaf.
To get this cooking party started tell me, who likes macaroni and cheese? Another great staple American comfort food. How about if we add that to your meatloaf, sounds crazy right? Never! Check out this irresistible recipe for Macaroni and Cheese Meatloaf.

Now I’m really going to stretch your cooking mind with this next recipe, how about Banana Meatloaf? Yes I said it; it’s absolutely delicious and the key is the moist and sweet flavor thanks to those crazy bananas.

To bring a theme to the evening try making this Mexican Meatloaf from Mommy Hates Cooking, a unique way to have a Mexican food night. Another unique find is this delicious looking way to get the most out of your leftover meatloaf,  Blackened Meatloaf with Tomato with Tomato Gravy from Salad in a Jar. What a great idea!

Experimenting with recipes to make it your own can be fun too, check out The Great Meatloaf Experiment at The Tow Lady. Bacon and a three pound meatloaf, they mean business! Sometimes it really can be about trial and error when you are making something new. I highly encourage all of you to experiment, play and of course have fun with all recipes.

Now if after exploring new ways to make meatloaf you’d still prefer to keep it closer to the standard, then go for the best and make up this Luxury Meatloaf.  So simple it’s crazy. Enjoy and have a happy cooking day!

So tell us, what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen added to a meatloaf?


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