Fun Treats for Christmas: How to Make Reindeer Poop

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I’ll bet you never thought you would want to know how to make reindeer poop, right?  Well, if you have mischievous children, you are probably well versed in the concept.  I know, it sounds awful, but reindeer poop is just one in a long list of fun treats for Christmas.

From about Thanksgiving on through Christmas, my 4-year-old and my almost-2-year-old (along with all the other kids in their day care!) seem to magically lose their “listening ears” and forget how to behave well.  The clever teachers at day care tell the children that they’d better be careful, because if Santa doesn’t like how they are behaving, he might just put reindeer poop in their stockings.  My older son, in particular, continued to be naughty, so my husband and I decided that Santa would send him a message this year. 🙂

Quick and easy recipes are among our favorites, so I created this surprisingly yummy one for how to make reindeer poop.  All you need is 4 regular-sized marshmallows and about a half cup of Ovaltine.

Before you start anything, put a piece of waxed paper on a paper plate.

Put the Ovaltine into a bowl for “dredging.”

Using clean kitchen shears, snip each marshmallow in half crosswise.  Next time, I might spray the shears with cooking spray so the ‘shmallows don’t stick so much.

Drop the marshmallow halves into the bowl of Ovaltine and coat them as much as possible.  I got my forefinger and thumb just a little bit wet (water from the tap) to help more of the coating stick to the marshmallows.  Set them on the waxed paper as you get them coated, making sure they don’t touch each other.  Leave them to set/dry as long as you can.  I made mine around 9am, and didn’t pack them into a baggie until around 9pm.


After the “poop” has dried sufficiently, put it into a small zip-top bag.  Attach a note to your little one with this poem:

You’ve been naughty
So here’s the scoop:
All you get is
Reindeer poop!

Santa did leave some nice goodies in my son’s Christmas stocking, but the baggie of reindeer poop was on the top.  My little guy was actually visibly upset, particularly when my husband ate a piece.  I think he got the message, though.  Of course, later on, we told him that reindeer poop isn’t real poop, and that reindeer just poop chocolate covered marshmallows.  It was hours before we could get him to try a piece, and while I don’t think this will ever be on his top ten list of fun treats for Christmas, he did end up enjoying it and laughing about it later.

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!  What is YOUR favorite Christmas food story?  Please let me know!


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  1. Yolanda says

    Nina – thanks for this recipe. I remember reading this last year and had to look it up to make sure we did this this year for my son Nathan. Seems he has lost his listening ears to an extreme this last week so I may use this ahead of time in conjunction with Elf on a Shelf that visits Santa and maybe he will come back with the little surprise since he is not behaving – lol. Thanks again!

  2. Nina says

    You are welcome, Yolanda! Glad you enjoyed the recipe. Both my little ones seem to have lost their listening ears, so I can relate. Maybe I’ll work on snowman poop for this year. Stay tuned!

  3. Chris says

    Do you just use the dry powered Ovaltine? You don’t mix it with milk before you dredge?
    Just wondering. What a cute idea.

  4. Nina says

    Chris, just the dry powdered Ovaltine. I had to wet my fingers a tiny bit after dredging to get more of it to stick, but that was it. No milk involved. 🙂 Glad you like the idea – thanks, and merry Christmas!

  5. Nina says

    Well, Kira, at first he was pretty stunned. Moved on to horrified when my husband ate a piece, and was crying after that. I felt like crying myself, I felt so bad for the little guy. Now, a year later, he thinks it’s funny. I told him to watch out, because being naughty again this year would get him SNOWMAN poop! He said snowmen aren’t real – I asked “What about Frosty??” His reply? “He’s just in a movie!” Too smart for 5 years old.

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