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I personally love all things Amish nowadays. My favorite shows right now are “Breaking Amish” and “Amish Mafia”. I can’t get enough of the Amish culture right now! I bet you feel the same way too. To help you indulge even further, has a new giveaway to help you live like the Amish- or at least help you eat the same scrumptious meals as they do. Five lucky winners will each receive one copy of the book The Amish Family Cookbook.


The Amish Family Cookbook


This cookbook is written by Jerry and Tina Eicher, a couple who were each raised on Amish traditions and on Amish home cooking. The Amish are especially known for their amazing cooking and their recipes and traditions are well represented in this amazing cookbook.

From both the traditional Amish meals such as breads and pies to the non-traditional meals such as steaks and burgers, this incredible cookbook has it all. Even if you are not familiar with the Amish culture at all or don’t have that strong of an interest in the Amish like I do, this cookbook is full of irresistible recipes that you and your family are guaranteed to enjoy.

Check out what the staff at Recipe Lion had to say about the book and read their reviews.

If you would like to see more recipes about Amish food then make sure you check out and their wide assortment of recipes about Amish food. In particular, you should check out 17 Traditional Amish Recipes.

If for some reason you didn’t win The Amish Family Cookbook, or if you did win and you’re STILL looking for more amazing Amish meals, then you need to check out Top Rated Amish Recipes: 26 Classic, Old Fashioned Recipes. This is a free eCookbook brought to you by This eCookbook has so many incredible and wonderful meals to offer. From Amazing Amish Friendship Bread to a Maple Pecan Bake, this eCookbook has what you need.

Top Rated Amish Recipes: 26 Classic, Old Fashioned Recipes eCookbook

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win your free copy of The Amish Family Cookbook. You have until January 27, 2013 to enter.

Click here to enter to win this wonderful cookbook.


Which Amish recipe would you prefer to eat: Amish bread or Amish pie? 


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  1. Donna Hartford says

    I would LOVE to get one of the Amish Family Cookbook’s. Their dishes are delicious. In Montana we would go to one of the colonies and have dinner and boy your wouldn’t go away still hungry. Would love to win one. Thanks.
    Donna Hartford in Montana.

  2. Jayne Homsher says

    The best of the best Amish Recipe collections. I love to cook farm and comfort foods! Grew up in rural Ohio and often travel to Amish areas within our state near Holmes County, OH

  3. Rebecca Eddinger says

    I love to cook for my family and like trying new recipes.J have always wanted to go the amish country but can’t afford to..I would love to have this cookbook!!!!!

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