A Brunch to Remember: 5 Gluten Free Brunch Ideas

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Brunch is probably my favorite type of meal.  There’s nothing quite like being able to sleep in, but still being able to get your favorite breakfast foods. To be honest, brunch recipes tend to be a little bit more involved, a little more indulgent than breakfast. You don’t serve up a grab-and-go recipe for brunch, no way.  You serve up something that takes a bit of time to make, but the trade off is that everyone sits down, together, to eat it (I’ll admit, in an ideal world an incredibly attractive, scantily clad, male chef would make brunch for me and I wouldn’t have to life anything heavier than a fork, but we can’t have everything). I think of breakfast as that meal that gets consumed somewhere between my apartment and my office, while brunch is the morning meal I eat with my friends and family. It’s the meal where we gather around the table, wake up, and talk.  Holiday brunches are always a special occasion, and traditional brunch recipes seem to do the best at that sort of event.  You can check out our Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas for some more brunch recipes.

Brunch is also the meal that is the most welcoming to culinary creativity. You can make anything and say that it’s suitable for brunch.  Let’s be honest, some muffin recipes should probably be filed under the dessert category, but we let them slide by as brunch. Veggies, fruits, seafood, grains—brunch welcomes all types of foods and turns them into a delicious dish that will inevitably start you off on the right foot. Brunch is truly the meal that no one can dislike.  FaveGlutenFreeRecipes.com has a plethora of delicious gluten free recipes that will make your next brunch the stuff of legends.


Gluten Free Brunch Ideas

1. Shakushuka:North African Skillet Eggs  This dish is just dying to be eaten.  It looks gorgeous and tastes delicious.  Eggs are an integral part of brunch–they always sneak in somewhere–and this is an excellent dish that incorporates tones of veggies and flavors with the eggs.

2. Avocado Egg Cups This is a creative twist on tomato egg cups, and is a wonderfully tasty self-contained dish.  A bit of cheese sprinkled over this creamy combination adds a bit of flavor and is the perfect finishing touch.  Seeing a couple of eggs peeping at you from their avocado beds is a great way to start the day with a smile on your face.

Avocado Egg Cup

3. Apple Cheddar Frittata Remember what I said about culinary creativity?  Alida from Alida’s Kitchen created this wonderfully sweet and savory brunch recipe.  This is a seasonal recipe that really takes advantage of the ready availability of apples in autumn.

Apple Cheddar Frittata

4. Chocolate Pumpkin Overnight Oats This is another seasonal recipe that will blow your taste buds out of the park.  Even better, its a brunch recipe that cooks while you sleep.  There’s no need to recruit an professional chef to cook for you with this recipe! Be sure to check out our Tips for Slow Cookers before you leave your crock pot on overnight.

Chocolate Pumpkin Overnight Oats

6. Banana Pecan Waffles Beth over at Tasty Yummies created this special waffle recipe.  You’ll know why it’s special as soon as you take a bite.  The light, fluffy texture of these waffles is exceptional, and the non-conventional ingredients give the waffles a wonderful flavor.

Banana Pecan Muffins


What is your favorite brunch recipe?



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  1. Emily says

    That Apple Cheddar Frittata looks delicious! I hadn’t really heard of frittatas until a couple of years ago, and I didn’t think about how creative you could be with them. The Shakushuka: North African Skillet Eggs look really good, too. It’s so nice that these are all gluten-free recipes. One of my friends had to go gluten-free recently and it’s been tough, so it’s nice to see tasty gluten-free dishes. My favorite thing to have for brunch is probably my mom’s hash browns and pumpkin bread (good for fall), along with fruit.

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