Guest Post: 3 New Cheap Recipes from Jan Leasure, Supermarket Cyclone

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Tough economic times call for tough measures, and that means really sticking to your budget.  Some people find this difficult when it comes to cooking, but I have some terrific, low-budget (cheap!) recipes that you’re sure to love…and so will your wallet!

#1: Better Than the Box! — Last week it was snowing here so I got sort of desperately decadent with my Old Fashioned Macaroni and Cheese recipe and added thinly sliced turkey hot dog rings! After all was said and done, I was indeed comforted!

#2: Bean Dip/Side Dish:  High Protein, Low Cost â€” This inflation-proof recipe for is not only fantastic but definitely not a  recipe I thought I would get excited about, since I am not a number one fan of beans.  However, I got this recipe from a neighbor during a holiday “progressive dinner” type affair.  I was drawn to the bowl because it was so colorful.  The hostess served it with corn chips that are shaped like little bowls. I have since made it twice, once as a dip and once as a full on side dish. It’s perfect for either one.

Besides being high in protein and delicious, this Carnivale Bean Dip recipe is C-H-E-A-P!  Several ways to save on this one. Either use manufacturer’s cents-off coupons for the name brand ingredients (I got mine buy-one-get-one-free and had a coupon for each of the items that wasn’t free).  Or, buy the store brands and save that way.  I ALWAYS double this recipe and bring half to a party or dinner and keep the other half at home to eat.

#3: My Fast and Fabulous Sauce and Tortellini recipe is always a hit.  It’s nice because you can opt to vary the ingredients, using beef, chicken, or even shrimp.  Chef’s choice!

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