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Summer is the ultimate driving weather and with the kids out of school, there is no better time to take a road trip. But the chances of finding gluten free snack options at the next exit are slim to none. Packing your own snacks makes travel easier because you won’t have to worry about the next chance you’ll get to find fresh healthy options that are also affordable. There are tons of recipes at Fave Gluten Free Recipes┬áthat can help you get through any moment when you find yourself needing a wheat-less recipe.

The easiest way to prevent hearing those unwelcome words, “Are we there yet?” is to keep the little mouths busy. As a parent in the front seat, I suggest you milk that snack for everything it’s worth. The solution to any problem- a game! If you happen to be driving through farm land, try out these Circus Animal Cookies. Every time you pass a horse, you get to eat a horse cracker. Turn the car into a three ring circus and let your child be the ring master with these from scratch gluten free treats.

When energy starts to get low and you can feel the meltdown approaching-don’t panic! Wherever your road trip is taking you, bring a map! Take a look and map out the route with some string cheese, eating strand by strand as you go a bit further. Each string will bring you a little closer to your final destination. If you pass through a city, build the skyline out of these sturdy, Sesame Almond Crackers. The almonds will curb any hunger and will give you that gluten free salty snack you’ve been looking for.

And of course, anything that takes a long time to eat is the gold standard. The best thing about Fruit By the Foot, is that it keeps going and going, but there isn’t so much fruit involved. At Penniless Parenting, try this healthy gluten free snack recipe for Homemade Fruit Leather. Your kids can lick it like a Popsicle but it won’t melt or make a mess in the car. They will be getting their nutrients without even knowing it.

Have no fear, gluten free road trip snacks do in fact exist. Another perk of it all being homemade? You control the ingredients. These treat are not just for kids. The front seat needs to be fed too. Have a fun day in the kitchen getting ready for your vacation that will provide a little r and r. The last thing you want to stress about is food, so don’t sweat it.

What is your best tip to keep kids occupied on a long road trip?


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    Make up Bingo cards for them. Put things like gas stations, church, hay stack, cow, etc. in the spaces. The other thing is to print out a map of the United States and mark when you see a license plate from that state (if you really want to get creative, you could laminate it and cut it up and “build” the United States as you find the license plates).

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