How to Make a Pot Pie: Use up Your Turkey Leftovers

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Pot pie is the ultimate comfort food. It’s also a great turkey leftovers recipe. There’s nothing better than turkey swimming in a deliciously creamy filling of fresh vegetables and herbs, all surrounded by a flaky, buttery crust. And while many people shy away from creating homemade pot pie because of the misconception that it’s a difficult dish, in reality it comes together quickly and can be made well by even the most novice chef. The filling of a pot pie is traditionally made with a roux (butter and flour mixture that thickens sauces) and a combination of vegetables – usually peas, carrots and onions. Some people like to spice things up with their favorite herbs and add potatoes or mushrooms. The crust is what often scares beginners away, but in reality, pie crust is simple to make. It comes together in seconds and can be rolled out simply and easily. Read on for more tips on using your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers to create a marvelous pot pie.


  • Pot Pie filling tends to have chicken or vegetable stock, butter, flour, and milk or cream. There are many variations on pot pie filling and many different methods to making it, but my favorite method is creating a roux with the flour and butter, mixing in hot stock (homemade turkey is best in this case – but the store bought stuff is good too), seasoning it, adding a hint of cream and throwing the veggies and poultry right in.
  • You can use chicken, turkey, seafood or any protein you like in a pot pie. If you’re looking for a quick fix, grab a rotisserie chicken or pre-cooked turkey breast at the grocery store prepared foods counter. You can also roast chicken or turkey the day of, but the best flavor comes from leftovers. This is a great way to use up all that delicious turkey meat leftover from Thanksgiving.
  • When you are making a roux, make sure you continually stir it until cooked to prevent it from burning.
  • For a quick weeknight pot pie, you can use your favorite canned cream soup, milk and frozen veggies to create a filling in a flash.


  • A simple crust goes a long way. Use your favorite pie crust recipe to top your pot pie. Remember to keep your fats cold when blending pie dough, and make sure just to blend the dough enough to bring the ingredients together. Be careful not to overmix.
  • Pie dough needs to rest in the refrigerator after it’s made, so use this time to get started on your filling.
  • Roll out your cold pie dough onto a well-floured surface. You can use a cutters or ring molds to cut individual tops or roll one large pie crust, depending on what type of pan/s you want to use.


  • Depending on your preference, you can create individual pot pies or a large pie. I like to make my pot pie in one large 9 x 13 casserole pan, but the pies look beautiful in individual baking dishes as well.
  • After you top your pie/s, brush your crust with an egg wash. Mix an egg with a small amount of water or milk and brush evenly on to the crust. This will help achieve the beautiful golden brown crust color.
  • Cut slits into the top of your crust before baking to allow for air circulation.


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