Monthly Morsel Question: What was the best thing you ever ate at a picnic?

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For the June Monthly Morsel question, we asked you “What was the best thing you ever ate at a picnic?” There is a wide range of different things people like…see what our blogger friends had to say:

From Becky P., Divorced Diva’s Guide to Survival

Picnics have to be one of my most favorite things about summer. Whether it be a feast fit for a king replete with candles, wine glasses and serving dishes or pimento cheese sandwiches thrown into a backpack to eat mid-bike ride, picnics made meal times special. The best picnic dish I have ever had was a salad made from fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, dill, lemon juice, olive oil and feta cheese. The fresh produce created a Mediterranean-style summer dish bursting with flavor – – I may have eaten the whole bowl myself!

From Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Ah, eating good food in the great outdoors. I’m there, just call my name. Flashback…Many moons ago, I recall stopping in a woodsy area with the love of my life. We brought with us the basic staples: French bread, Gouda cheese, cold, fresh summertime fruit, and tart lemonade. It was the remote area, towering redwoods in Santa Cruz Mountains, CA, and wildlife that made these foods with a Mediterranean slant a serene and romantic picnic to remember. I’d love to go back in time and place to that soft blanket on the ground and enjoy Mother Nature’s finest.

From Stephanie Gallagher, Cooking for Kids Guide,

The best thing I’ve ever eaten at a picnic is a really great fried chicken. To me, the best fried chicken is juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside (never greasy) and lightly spiced. The secret is a nice soak in buttermilk and spices. Of course, corn on the cob, great potato salad and cole slaw can’t hurt either.  Here’s my recipe for buttermilk fried chicken.

From Danica P., Danica’s Daily

This is really hard to choose because I think I LOVE everything about picnics from the BBQ to the salads to the grilled desserts. I think the BEST things I’ve ever had at a picnic were my Quick & Easy Slow Cooker Beans. They have a nice chipotle kick with smokey kielbasa and the sweetness of molasses…..MMMM! I do LOVE grilled corn with Sriracha & Butter and my husband’s favorite Pasta Salad I made.

From Pat, via our Contact Form

Bar-b-qued goat! Back in the late sixties ,my ex and had just come back home from California after he got out of the navy. We went to a family picnic and I was served the most delicious meat I’d ever tasted. I asked what it was and was told that it was goat! I almost stopped eating.

From Kimberly DiGiacomo via our Facebook Fan Page

I like to add a little honey to my potato salad, it just adds that little bit of sweetness and makes the taste buds dance with joy!

From Larisa Netis via our Facebook Fan Page

Shrimp kebobs :))))))))))))))))))))) skewered with bacon!!!!!! and homemade hamburgers :))))))))))

From Charlotte Ratliff via our Facebook Fan Page

My Aunt Lea’s macaroni salad it was really delicious.

From Linda Findlay via our Facebook Fan Page

Love Old fashioned burnt sugar cake with carmel icing.

From Mary Harper via our Facebook Fan Page

My Aunt Eleanor’s 3 Bean Salad was the absolute best ever!  Also her homemade potato salad…nothing ever beat those two picnic items for our family!!

From Becky Greer Thompson via our Facebook Fan Page

My daddy’s shish-ka-bobs. Lamb and beef.

From Penny Robitaille via our Facebook Fan Page

My grandma’s homemade potato salad.  It is the best..

From Teressa Moyer via our Facebook Fan Page

Cold BBQ chicken & watermelon!

From Craig R. McNees via our Facebook Fan Page

One day my wife of the day & my step kids were supposed to go to the beach for a grand picnic, but Florida weather decided that it would be a torrential rain all day.  I moved the furniture and placed a big blanket in the middle of the room & brought the coolers back in the house and we had a grand picnic of fried chicken with all the fixins.  No ants, no sand, no mosquitoes, no sunburn, and we played games after wards.

From Mary Klepac via our Facebook Fan Page

A GIGANTIC black diamond watermelon.!!! Yummmmy.

From Marcia J Sommerkamp via our Facebook Fan Page

Roast suckling pig from an underground pit!

From Catherine Hunter via our Facebook Fan Page

My niece’s taco dip, yum yum.

From Stephanie Tinney via our Facebook Fan Page

I don’t remember WHAT we ate but WHERE we at it-our living room rug when I was a kid. It was complete with the red/white checkered table cloth and the over-sized plastic ants.

From Jean Landry-Carr via our Facebook Fan Page

My Mother in Law’s cole slaw…yummy!!

From Joyce Prutz via our Facebook Fan Page

My mom’s potato salad. Of course she doesn’t use a recipe. Just a little of this and a lot of that.

Thanks to everyone for all the great responses!

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