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All you cooking and eating enthusiasts out there have a lot to offer!  Whether you’re submitting recipes, cooking tips, or guest blog posts, you are a talented lot.  The RecipeLion Editorial Team thought it would be a fun idea to ask you all a monthly food-related question.  One example might be, “What is the most unique food you’ve ever eaten?”

As a new feature on this blog, we will post a question each month at the top of our right-hand sidebar as the “Monthly Morsel.”  We encourage bloggers to participate and submit your answers, and we will publish them in a round-up style blog post, linking to all the participants. We’ll post the question at the beginning of each month, and will publish your answers at the end of the month.

If you would like to participate in the round-up, please send us your answer to the Monthly Morsel question, along with your name, blog and URL. Please put “Monthly Morsel” in your submission.  If you would prefer that we only publish your online pen name, just let us know.  Check out the sidebar for the current Monthly Morsel question.

This month’s Monthly Morsel question:

What is your favorite recipe for the grill?  Send us your answer.

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  1. Mary Lou says

    The year my mom could find a 25 or 30 lb turkey for our 9 member family plus innumerable relatives, so was forced to settle for two 12 lb ones and stuggle to wedge them into one oven. But things went off without a hitch and nobody went hungry.

  2. Robin says

    The year we had an 18-pound bird, sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be stuffed, and my sister’s teeny tiny kitten jumped up on the counter, grabbed a wingtip, and began backing up with his prize. Just like in the cartoons, his feet were moving fast but he wasn’t going anywhere. And neither was his catch!

  3. Charles Chapman says

    The most memorable for me was in a year when there was a dreadful blizzard on Christmas Eve. A father and his three young daughters got stuck on the county road in front of my sister’s home. We managed to find beds for them all and enlarged the dinner table to handle us all. The food was traditional but seemed to be extra special because of the three little girls.

  4. Silvia says

    From the unusual standpoint, the most unusual was a few years back, in Argentina. To begin with it was summer. And it was hot and didn’t “look like Christmas.” And we were having the Christmas dinner at friend’s (rented) apartment in a very plush section of Buenos Aires (she’s from Taos New Mexico).

    Suddenly water began to come under the front door of the apartment while we were eating the hors d’oeuvres. By the time the Super was located we were in water up to our ankles and water was also falling down the walls from the ceiling like our own private waterfall (the apartment was on the 2 floor) and also down from the balcony.
    Eventually between the fire department, the super and the police, they were able to locate the problem as the water was running all the way down to the lobby and down the street.

    We managed to eat the turkey in a relatively timely manner, but we had, by then downed a few of bottles of wine, and the whole thing seemed hilarious.

  5. sue says

    we had recently been relocated from a post in the far north of the North American continent to San Francisco.

    We feasted on cracked crab and a savory pot of Cioppino.

    Fresh seafood and fresh vegetables were a long desired luxury.

  6. Judy G. says

    I can tell you my most memorable Christmas was last year – when our new granddaughter – adopted by my daughter from China – was with us for the first time for this holiday!

  7. Silvia C. says

    It must have been terrific, the first Christmas with Susanna!…My Grandchildren spend Christmas day at their “other grandma”…I spend Christmas Eve with them, so they have “2 Santa Deliveries”. So while my Christmas Eve are mighty memorable, my Christmas day is blah (same old, same old).

    The kids get my gifts on Christmas eve morning (while I’m there) and then on Christmas morning they get the “Official Santa”. If they got everything at once they they would never want to leave to go to Tom’s mother.

  8. Sandy says

    Growing up Christmas was always a family time and my mother baked cookies for an “army”! There were so many varieties and detail, they were like edible art! They were always displayed on a 3 tier “cookie” plate for all to see… We had many gatherings which allowed the cookies to disappear ~ as I never remember any cookies left over!

  9. Pat Zidlicky says

    Comment is in regard to your free
    e-cookbook of Christmas cookies.
    I am disappointed in that the recipes
    are NOT complete(e.g.Billy Goats-p.91 p.22,doesn’t tell how to get cookies ready to bake). I also had to improvise on the Peppermint Pattie recipe(added extra 1/2 C. of flour in order to handle the dough)!
    If these last two recipes aren’t
    successful, I’ll just give up!

    • Sarah says

      Hi Sandra,

      I’m sure you could try, just cut it down, it’s not like sugar and too much can make it too sweet. Or maybe half normal sugar and half artificial, like Splenda or Stevia.


  10. Phyllis Vermilyea says

    My favorite 4th of July recipe and any holiday recipe is our family Spinach Casserole which delights even those who do NOT like spinach.

  11. Layne says

    My most irresistable dessert choice is with out a doubt one of my own creation & that would be my “French Vanilla Cappuccino Cheesecake”! A VERY close second…maybe even sharing the spotlight would be “Pumpkin Cheesecake”. Both delightful & wonderfully delishous, just sweet enough but not overly sweet as I don’t care for “sweets” as a rule! 😉

  12. Debbie Yowell says

    We have had a long standing family tradition of making decorated sugar cookies for Christmas. My daughter, her 2 children, and I have a cookie decorating day. We all gather, cut out a myriad of fanciful Christmas figures, bake them, then…it’s a free for all. We have lots of decorations, all colors of icing, and loads of imagination. The best part of this day is that my Mother, who recently turned 93 years old, joins us in the tradition she began over 50 year ago. We are so blessed to have her with us, it makes our Christmas holidays complete!!!

  13. Kimberly Rowell says

    My favorite Christmas recipe!!! The 12 days before Christmas we take ritz crackers , place peanut butter in the middle, sandwich them together and then dip them in white or dark chocolate (or both) almond bark mealted in a bowl steaped over hot water. All the visitors/family/ friends can not resist a few to nibble on while visiting. For an extra bite(crunch) I will also put crunchy peanut butter in the middle.

  14. Linda Dennis says

    My most favorite Christmas morsel that I remember, was the smells and the love that was shown in my parents home.It was a great time of the year and season to have family and relatives.


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