Pie Round Up: 5 Tempting Recipes for the Holiday Season

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Our contributor Kristy from Mommy Hates Cooking has rounded up a few of the best new pie recipes she found from the web. I say try something new this holiday season! Sure you can still make your pumpkin pie, but what about a S’mores pie? Who says you only have to make one pie anyway? 🙂  – Sarah (your favorite RecipeLion editor).


Pie Round Up: 5 Tempting Recipes for the Holiday Season

Sunbutter Pie

It’s that time of year again, the time for pie. Typically some type of pie will show up at virtually every holiday party this year as well as Thanksgiving dinner. The most common are Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie, but why not get a little creative?
I am going to provide you with my top 5 pies that would be the highlight at any holiday meal.

Sunbutter Pie – This pie is an allergy free alternative to a peanut butter pie. It has virtually the same great taste without the nuts!

Individual Cherry Pie – How about taking individual pies for your guest? These cherry pies will do just that!

S’mores Pie – Now, if you really want to get in good with the family, this pie will be the perfect solution!

Caramel Apple Pie – This is a different twist on pie, serving them in cupcake size servings. This is a great, kid friendly pie recipe.

Old Fashioned Apple Pie – This apple pie will likely make you think of home when you eat it. Serve it hot with a side of vanilla ice cream. Delicious!

If you are looking for even more unbelievably delicious pie recipes check out these 17 Rich and Creamy Pie Recipes. The holidays are always a fun time to get creative especially with food and baking.

What type of pie are you planning to bring to your holiday dinner this year?


Kristy Profile Pic2 5 Easy Homemade Coffee Drinks for the Season Kristy Still is the creator of Mommy Hates Cooking, wife to a loving husband and mother to an energy filled toddler. She realized after her son was born that her cooking skills were going to have to go up a notch to keep healthy food on the table for her family. There was only one problem, she hates cooking. She ended up making the decision to start her own blog as an attempt to find motivation and share her trials with others. To learn more about Kristy be sure to check out her featured foodie profile on RecipeLion.

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