Pretzels, The Ideal Snack

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I was returned from Stuttgart, where a food festival was being held in the town center. Countless booths were selling sausages, maultaschen (a stuffed noodle similar to ravioli), flatbread pizza with a sour cream base rather than tomato (much tastier than it sounds!), and lots and lots of beer. I ate a lot, but my favorite thing all weekend had to be the soft pretzels. While hard pretzels are a pretty common snack in the U.S., you only find soft pretzels at fairs and the occasional shopping mall. I love that soft pretzels are a standard part of the Bavarian breakfast in addition to being the standard side with sausages served in any beer garden. Pretzels are just so tasty with a tall glass to hefeweizen, wheat beer. I had four or five pretzels in just a few days. Luckily, I can make soft pretzels at home and continue my addiction. Here are a few recipes I’ve found:

German Soft Pretzels– The definitive soft pretzel recipe sprinkled with coarse salt.

Beer Pretzels– Depending on the beer, you should get a nice malty flavor in the pretzels.

Philadelphia Soft Pretzels– With the addition of whole-wheat, these pretzels seem a bit healthier.

Don’t forget the Mustard Dip!

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