10 Surprising Recipes Using Cake Mix

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I have a confession: I work for a website that writes about food everyday, but I have yet to make a successful anything from scratch in my life. Don’t tell the boss man. Needless to say, I have become quite adept at using cake mixes. So as a cake mix master, it is my duty to round-up some of my favorite cake mix recipes, and share them with you, the much better baker I’m sure. I am huge fan of cake mixes not only because of my less than average baking skills, but because they make quick and easy desserts in any flavor you can imagine. Try any of these yummy cake concoctions below for a dessert that will make you completely rethink your trusty old cake mix.

Recipes Using Cake Mix


1. Cake Mix Cinnamon Rolls – People who have tried these say they’re the best cinnamon rolls they’ve ever had. They’re simple to make and require few ingredients, so they’re cheaper than other homemade recipes as well!

2. Homemade Soft Oreos – This recipe uses a devil’s food cake mix and homemade cream filling to make soft, cakey Oreo cookies. These are perfect for on-the-go, or to serve at a party.

3. Texas “Gold” Bars – They’re also called gooey butter cake or chess squares, but I just call them delicious. This buttery, moist bars recipe using cake mix is a tried and true favorite. Only requires six ingredients!

4. Cupcake Puppy Chow – Although this wacky recipe using cake mix calls for the funfetti variety, you can use any flavor you want! Puppy Chow gets a delicious makeover.

5. 3-Ingredient Cake Mix Cobbler – You read that right. Only three ingredients are used in this one. An added secret ingredient makes this cobbler the best flavored one around.

6. 10 Minute Cool Whip Cookies – Cake mix can also double as an ingredient in super-fast cookies! The best part about this recipe is it only takes 10 minutes in the oven.


Other Surprising Recipes Using Cake Mix

Gooey Rolo Cake Bars – The secret ingredient in this cake bars recipe is a layer of butter crackers so you get a tiny crunch. Any recipe using cake mix that’s stuffed with candy is a good one.



Lemon Cake Batter Truffles – Can you believe you don’t even have to bake these cake batter truffles?! If you’re a fan of lemon dessert recipes, you’ll want to keep this one on file. They’re super easy and fun to make.

Red Velvet Cake Mix Donuts – Without the frosting, only four ingredients go into these beautiful homemade donuts. If you love red velvet as much as I do, you have got to try these. They’re super easy!

Red Velvet Cake Mix Donuts


Think these cake mix recipes are good? Well there’s more where that came from. Recipe Chatter has tons of other quick and easy dessert recipes dying for a chance on your dessert table. Check them out here!



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What’s your favorite recipe using cake mix? Tell us in the comments below.


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  1. Jane says

    My Mom once told me that with three ingredients (or was it three ingredients + a dry cake mix that I could make an endless number of cookies. I believe one of the ingredients was an egg, one was, of course, the dry cake mix, and at this point my memory fails me.

    Can ANYONE help?

    I sure hope so!

    • Lisa says

      For a quick peach crisp I use peach pie filling in bottom of pan, sprinkle yellow cake mix on top, then take a stick of butter & slice overtop the dry cake mix. Bake at 350° for 20-30 minutes till golden brown.
      Can also use apple pie filling with cinnamon sprinkled over the pie filling

  2. sheila white says

    I have a box of red velvet cake mix “Christmas edition”, 2 bags of mix, one red, one green. I would like to use one bag of mix in with my recipe for pistastio cake. Which calls for yellow cake mix, eggs, orange juice, oil and pistasio pudding mix. I would like to use one bag of red velvet as a marble layer to my cake. Wonder if I should add the dry red velvet mix to a little of the yellow cake mix batter and add it to a bunt pan as the first layer and then add the rest of the batter and bake. Wonder how that would turn out?
    Sheila from WV

  3. L. Wyss says

    Would you provide me with the “Cake Mix Popcorn” recipe, please? When I click onto the home page site, a totally unrelated site appears.

  4. John Day says

    I do wish people would stop with puppy chow names. Some poor fool out there who knows nothing about dogs is going to take it literally anfd feed their puppy one of the chocolate one and then watch the poor thing die from eating chocolate. A great big no no for your dog, instant poison, they can’t break it down.

    While it’s a cute lable, it is totally inappropriate. How about calling them “Fancy Nibble Treats” ? Anything but puppy!

  5. R. John Kutcher says

    I use cake mixes to make waffles. You need lemon cake mix, 3 eggs, 1/3 cup of oil ( I use olive oil).1 1/3 water and 1 cup of frozen blue berries.
    In a large bowl mix together eggs, oil and water. Add cake mix and mix until blended. Fold in blue berries .
    Cook in waffle maker according to cooker instructions.

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