Earth Day: 9 Recycled Crafts from Food Packaging and Grocery Bags

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Happy Earth Day! Are you ready for Earth Week?  I love to celebrate by going green with some Fried Green Tomatoes from the garden! I don’t usually pay much attention to my soda cans and plastic grocery bags as I carelessly toss them in the garbage, but today I’ve resolved to start being more conscious about what’s left over when I finish chowing down on some great recipes from RecipeLion. All this month and especially today, people are celebrating the earth by reducing the amount of waste they produce, and this great roundup of recycled crafts from food packaging and grocery bags from will help you reduce, reuse, and recycle in an earth-conscious and beneficial way.

Food waste in particular can be a danger to the environment, including plants and wildlife. Plastic packaging, paper bags, tin cans, and other food waste materials are crammed into overstuffed landfills, where dangerous chemicals seep into water and crop supplies, becoming a danger to the earth and to humans. Protect yourself and the environment by recycling your food packaging and grocery bags into simple, yet beautiful recycled crafts like Plastic Spoon Roses and a Burnt Bag Butterfly Plant Stake from

Burnt Bag Butterfly Plant Stake

Green crafting can be a great way to save money, too. First, check out this RecipeLion article about 22 Ways to Reuse Old Food Containers and Other Frugal Ideas. Then, if you’re looking for more ways to celebrate in a fabulous, frugal and earth-friendly way, check out my favorite recycled crafts from food packaging and grocery bags:

Tin Can Flower Pot

1. Tin Can Flower Pot from With this precious little flower pot, I can bring the environment indoors!


How to Make a Mixed Media Grocery Bag Journal

2. Grocery Bag Journal from You can write up grocery lists, memos and more on a homemade recycled notepad.


Cereal Box Notepads

3. Cereal Box Notepads from I can’t wait to make one of these from a Lucky Charms box.


How to Make Plarn

4. How to Make Plarn from I had never heard of plarn before, but apparently you can turn plastic bags into yarn! How neat is that?


Brown Bag Flowers

5. Brown Bag Flowers from Turn that trash into treasure!

14 Creative Uses for Mesh Produce Bags

6. 14 Creative Uses for Mesh Produce Bags from I’ve always thrown these away without a second thought!


Cool Clock Bottle Cap Magnets

7. Cool Clock Bottle Cap Magnets from The cute fridge magnets are awesome!

Some say one person can’t make a difference, but if many people begin to reduce their carbon footprints, they can make a huge impact and reduce the amount of waste in the environment. Celebrate Earth Week by enjoying the fresh air and making some of these nifty recycled crafts from food packaging waste.



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