Homemade Salad Dressing: How to Make Homemade Vinaigrette


One of the easiest (I promise!) and most delicious recipes you can make at home is a simple homemade vinaigrette for just about any type of salad. I have two teenage girls in my house, and we eat a lot of salad – like just about every day. I grew up with homemade salad dressing […]

Healthy Eating Tips: 5 Unexpected Veggies For Glowing Skin

baby spinach

Have you stopped admiring yourself in the mirror lately because your skin appears dull? Does your partner point out that you look tired all the time? Surprising as it may sound, your dietary habit might be responsible for the tiredness and dullness of your skin. With some healthy eating tips, you can prepare your skin […]

10 Healthy Dump Dinners For Lazy People Who Want to Be Skinny


I keep seeing these dump dinners everywhere on blogs and Pinterest and they look so delicious! It’s not hard for a recipe to look amazing when it’s all cheesy and melty and loaded with things like ground beef and tater tots. We even have our own collection of tasty dump dinner recipes. I’m trying to […]

3 Salad Ideas to Change Things Up


When I was younger, salads certainly weren’t my food of choice. Filled with bitter memories of soggy options from school canteens or dry, bland Iceberg lettuce, I never thought salads could be enjoyed. However, when I started experimenting in the kitchen, I discovered that there were ways you could prepare a salad that was actually […]

12 Healthy Spaghetti Squash Recipes That’ll Fool Anyone


Spaghetti squash is a healthy ingredient substitution that can fool ’em all. Kids, dads, all those people in your life (including you, probably) with a taste for meaty pasta dishes can have their favorite pasta and eat it too – but it’s secretly healthy! Spaghetti squash recipes are a delicious way to eat healthier and […]

Arthritis Help: Cooking Tips for Managing Arthritis Pain


There’s more to healthy cooking than the ingredients. For those living with rheumatoid arthritis, cooking can take a toll on the body. Seamus Mullen, award-winning New York chef seen on The Next Iron Chef and Chopped, said “cooking is really a full-body activity, if you think about it – you’re using your hands mostly but […]

7 Day Healthy Meal Plan for Beginners

Skinny Beef Casserole

Let’s be honest: Coming up with healthy meal plans is hard to do. Not only does it involve planning ahead, but it can also be difficult to cook more than you usually do. Grabbing meals and snacks from stores and restaurants is easy. It’s comfortable. But it’s also not guaranteed to be the healthiest thing […]

The Chocolate Muffin Recipe You’ll Never Believe Exists

Heavenly Chocolate Muffins

People always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Okay, fine. But how many healthy breakfast recipes do you know of that are not only delicious but also portable? While I love healthy breakfast casseroles, pancake recipes, and egg dishes, I’m a complete sucker for muffins. I could make and eat […]

Skip or Treat: Your Guide to Healthy Halloween Candy

Halloween can be scary if you’re trying to eat healthy, especially since the entire month of October (and sometimes even September) is filled with holiday spirit. From pumpkin-shaped Reese’s at the grocery store to jars of candy corn at the office, temptations are everywhere. It’s difficult to resist, and it gets even harder once the […]

Guest Post: Watermelons for Detox


This post is brought to you by Madvavi Dandu, a senior editor at UrbanWired Watermelons are normally regarded as summer fruits. Most people forget about them once the summer is gone. Most of us are also very ignorant about the nutritional values that watermelon can have and how much it can aid us in maintaining […]