Slow Cooker Holiday Baking: Easy Christmas Cookies and Bars


When thinking about all the cooking and baking you’re inevitably going to do over the holidays, it might seem pretty daunting — so why not make it something to look forward to instead? Baking cookies in the slow cooker is one of the easiest and most care-free ways to bake, and during this holiday season, […]

10 No-Bake Christmas Cookies … Just in Time!

10 Christmas Cookie Recipes to Make in Under 10 Minutes

Just when you thought you didn’t have time to shop for presents, cook dinner, AND bake holiday desserts, brings you this little treasure. 10 Christmas Cookie Recipes to Make in 10 Minutes or Less is a free eCookbook that is now available for download. Click here to check it out. What’s great about a […]

My Family’s Favorite Cookie Recipe: Criss-Cross Cookies

Criss Cross Cookies

Even though my family members have never been ones to turn down any kind of dessert, there’s one treat that we make sure we have made for every holiday and get-together: Criss-Cross Cookies. Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter, birthdays… You name a special event, we probably have at least one batch of these buttery cookies […]

Caramel Cookie Bars

For an absolutely scrumptious and hard to resist cookie recipe try making up these Caramel Cookie Bars. They’re so easy to prepare and are a perfect seasonal treat (ahem! Halloween party treats!).  Not only that but the recipe makes about 40 cookie bars so it’s perfect for parties and big gatherings. Enjoy! Yields: 40 Ingredients: […]