Weeknight Broccoli Chicken Casserole Recipe

chicken 3

Its dinnertime, after a long day at work and you dont want to hit the drive thru. Again. You are craving something hearty but you are tired. It’s getting late and the idea of spending time in front of the stove is not exactly appealing. What if I told you that dinner could be on […]

Vintage Recipes vs. Modern Recipes


Some say the best recipes they have are the ones that have been passed down from generation to generation. Grandma’s recipes always seem to be a family favorite. It is fun to think that these recipes sometimes have been around for years and years. It’s crazy to think your mother, your mother’s mother, and maybe […]

5 Recipes to Say Goodbye to Summer


Believe it or not, summer is coming to a close. Back-to-school sales are beginning, and school itself will be starting soon. Can you believe how fast the season went? For me, it feels like only a few days ago it was just starting to warm up. Now, we are looking ahead to fall and Thanksgiving. […]

Coffee: It’s Not Just For Drinking


On average, 100 million Americans drink at least one cup of coffee everyday, and most people drink a little more than three cups a day. I know I am one of those people. If the average sized cup of coffee is 9 oz, my mug holds more than two cups. And sometimes, I fill up […]

Summer Blackberry Peach Cobbler

Blackberry Peach Cobbler

This guest blog post comes to us from Featured Foodie Hope Comerford. Cobblers are delicious, especially with all the wonderfully fresh, summer fruits available right now.  Cobblers can also be loaded with sugar and calories, but with this slow cooker cobbler recipe you won’t have to feel guilty about indulging.  I’ve come up with a […]

Copy That: Quick Summer Pasta Dinners

Noodles and Company Copycat Mac and Cheese

Summer pasta salads are an emerging tradition in my house. Between dealing with a major heat wave and family members on different schedules, cooking dinner in the oven for a long period of time each night just isn’t practical. A quick summer pasta dinner is an easy way to incorporate filling pasta, fresh veggies, meat […]

Cinema Saturday: Homemade Pesto Pata

Welcome to RecipeLion’s Cinema Saturday where we like to show you one of our how-to cooking videos.  So, please turn off all cell phones, keep talking to a minimum, and try not to disturb any of the other patrons.   Don’t forget to go to the lobby (your kitchen) for some snacks.  And now, before our […]

Gluten Free Sandwich Breads

There is nothing more classic than a good sandwich. With so many options of ingredients to slip between two slices, it’s possible to eat a sandwich every day of the week and have seven completely different meals. Being so versatile, sandwiches are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner but it’s not always easy with a […]

Hit the Road, Snacks

Summer is the ultimate driving weather and with the kids out of school, there is no better time to take a road trip. But the chances of finding gluten free snack options at the next exit are slim to none. Packing your own snacks makes travel easier because you won’t have to worry about the […]