Free eCookbooks: Comfort Soups and Simple Skillets

Fuss-Free Meals: 35 Simple Skillet Recipes and One-Pot Recipes

When you’re looking for new ways to cook up that family dinner, never fear because the Mr. Food Test Kitchen is here to save the day! With a splendiferous selection of soups and stews and a wide assortment of skillet and one-pot recipes, we don’t even know the next time you’re going to have to […]

Free eCookbook: 11 Easy Soup & Stew Recipes


I know I’m not alone in my desires. I think you know what I’m talking about. We all have those desires. Some of us have them stronger than others. Some of us are even shy about admitting them. But they exist … and are stronger than ever in this cabin-fever-filled January month. We all have […]

Soup-er Meals for Fall


Across the board, one of my all-time favorite go-to meals when it starts getting chilly is soup. That might be because I’m a self-proclaimed lazy cleaner-upper after I cook so I love that soups are almost, by nature, one-pot meals. It might be because I can “make” so many of them in a slow cooker […]

How to Have a Healthy Dinner of Chocolate

I love the taste of dark chocolate. Here in Ireland everyone complains that American chocolate is too sweet, while they prefer very creamy milk chocolates. Luckily, even convenience stores around here sell small bars of Green & Blacks organic chocolates, and I they seem to sell in America too. I usually go for the 70% […]