The Hungry Games – Foods Inspired by the Hunger Games

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With all of the hype around the newly released The Hunger Games, we decided to bring you a collection of recipes inspired by the book and the nation of Panem. The books are filled with food references. From Katniss’ favorite Capitol dish to Mrs. Everdeen’s breakfast mush, if you’re looking to throw a party before going to the theater and seeing Katniss in action, these fantastic recipes will prep the evening’s events. It will surely give your guests their much needed Hunger Games fix before the movie even starts.


We’ve gathered a collection of mouthwatering recipes that you cannot miss. If you’re looking for hearty stews or delectable soups, you’ve come to the right place. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about dessert. So, start cooking, the movie has a 8 o’clock showing, and make some of these wonderful recipes to see which foods kept the characters going in this epic tale of survival.


Goat Cheese

Tomato and Goat Cheese Toast


In The Hunger Games, Katniss’ little sister, Prim, helped the family survive with her pet goat. When reading this, we thought it was a great opportunity to share one of our favorite appetizer recipes made with goat cheese. Served on whole grain bread, with crumbled goat cheese and a tomato, this appetizer recipe is a must.


Soups and Stews

Lamb Stew with Dried Plums


In District 12 of The Hunger Games, squirrel, or any type of meat, is considered a luxury, and is usually enjoyed in a stew.  We left out the squirrel in this recipe and replaced it with pieces of lamb.  This wonderful lamb stew recipe is made with onions, carrots and sweet potatoes.  Seasoned with ginger and cumin, this hearty dish will have you eating it by the bucketful.


 Potato, Turnip, White Bean, and Kale Soup


bean soup

There is no shortage of soups or greens in The Hunger Games.  Edible weeds, like dandelions, and white beans are plentiful and make for great ingredients in any kind of soup.  This fantastic soup recipe has fresh kale, loads of potatoes, carrots and onions, making one of the tastiest bowls of soup.



Cheese Grits


cheese grits

In The Hunger Games, Katniss thinks back fondly to her mothers “breakfast mush.” Whether you think mush is oats, palenta or grits, we think it’s this delicious cheesy grits recipe.  Easy to make and even easier to enjoy, make this simple dish and have your “breakfast mush.”



Easy Skillet Biscuits


skillet biscuits

With each district having its own variety, bread is a a very symbolic food in The Hunger Games.  This wonderful easy biscuit recipe makes a buttery, flaky biscuit that is better than anything you can get out of a box.



Gingered Peach and Blackberry Cobbler


berry cobbler

This delicious blackberry cobbler will take you back to the carefree chatter of Karissa and Gale as they walked through the morning sun.  Made with fresh blackberries and peaches, this wonderful cobbler recipe is topped with cinnamon and is a simply heavenly.


We hope that you enjoyed our round-up of The Hunger Games inspired recipes.  We have some more budget-friendly and frugal recipes that would be perfect for your Hunger Games menu.  Be sure to check them out.


Are you going to go see The Hunger Games?


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