Things Everyone Should Have in The Kitchen

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I’m big on kitchen gadgets. I recognize that items like an avocado slicer and a wonton press are unecessary devices for simple manuevers that one can do with a knife or one’s hands, but I love them anyway. Putting items with very particular uses aside, there are a few things that – in my opinion – everyone should have in their kitchen.

A Good Knife

You would be amazed at how much of a difference having one solid chef’s knife makes. Not only will it cut, chop and dice amazingly well, but you will actually enjoy using it. And you don’t have a spend a ton of money to get a great knife. I got my chef’s knife from a kitchen specialty store for $20, but you can find even cheaper options at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target.

Food Scale

A food scale is a great way help control portion size while educating yourself on what a serving really means. You will likely be surprised to find out how small a serving of chicken or pasta looks when measured on to a scale. Food scales are inexpensive (typically costing between $15 and $25), easy to use and can be stashed in a drawer between meals. And even if you aren’t on a diet, a food scale is still a great – and accurate – way to measure out ingredients.

A Well Stocked Spice Rack

Don’t be afraid of spices and herbs, they can open up a whole new world of culinary possibilities and flavor profiles in your cooking. Using the right herbs and spices can also help you eliminate unecessary fats that might otherwise be used to flavor your dishes. Play around with spices, new and familiar, and you will likely be surprised at what you find.


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