This Month’s Healthy Bite: What Are Your Favorite Summer No Cook Recipes?

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For the June version of This Month’s Healthy Bite from, we asked, “What are your favorite summertime no-cook recipes?” We got some absolutely fantastic answers,  so be sure to check them all out:

From Mama J, A Little Bit Crunchy A Little Bit Rock and Roll:

Refrigerator Pickles are easy and delicious…. and you won’t heat up your kitchen from making them!

From Averie, Averie Cooks:

20 Memorial Day Party Recipes <– most are no-bake, or very little cooking involved, many are vegan & GF, all are vegetarian.

From Pamela, Pamela’s Heavenly Treats:

I love to make summer time fruit salad. You can include any fruits you like but for me its always:

watermelon (cut up)
cantaloupe (cut up)
grapes (green & purple)
strawberries (cut up)
pineapple (cut up) and the juice

Cut pineapple in half and core it out, you will use one half of it as a bowl for your summer time fruit salad, and just mix all your fresh fruit together, and the juice of the pinapple and there you have a cool fresh fruit salad. Your guests will love it.

From Genevieve, Vanilla & Spice:

In the hot summer months, I love to make chilled soups because they don’t require any cooking, and they are so refreshing!  Some recipes I love are cucumber-dill avocado soup, raw corn avocado chowder, and this mango gazpacho.  I also love to cool off with a creamy frozen treat, like this vegan mango-coconut soft-serve ice cream or a tropical lassi!

From Lisa, Lisa’s Kitchen:

My classic Caesar Salad is always a hit:

And this version of Guacamole is certainly a favorite:

From Ann, The Fountain Avenue Kitchen:

This make-ahead strawberry pecan oatmeal smoothie is a thick, delicious, and wholesome meal on the run. The best part is that it can be made ahead and stored in a Mason jar, perfect to drink out of or freeze, if you like. Switch up the fruits and nuts (or add nut butters) as you like.

For a green smoothie option, try this:

From Heather, Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes:

I LOVE Salads made from anything and everything I can get my hands on at my local farm stand, my own garden or farmers market. My current favorite is a salad made of balsamic grilled asparagus, strawberries and baby spinach with a lemon strawberry poppy seed vinaigrette…for a totally over the top treat, add avocado – utterly amazing!

And to finish the day with something sweet, no bake cookies or a “cookie dough” blizzard!

From Jackie, Jackie’s Kitchen:

Most of my life, I’ve existed without central air conditioning, and there has been times when it has been challenging. When the very hot days loom, I adopt a “no-cook” and “no-bake” food preparation strategy. Not only does this minimize excess heat in the home, but it also means fresh, vibrant, and cooling foods on the plate, just what the season ordered!

Two of our go-to dinner favorites include:

1. Sweet corn and black bean salsa, loaded with fresh summer ingredients:

2. Basic gluten-free gazpacho:

For lots of other great ideas, check out our no-cook compilation here:

Stay cool and happy summer!

From Meghan, Harvard Common Press:

A cool, light, refreshing bite is just the ticket for when the temperature spikes and the AC gives out, as it inevitably does on the hottest days of the year. So what better than Grapefruit and Avocado Crudo, from Michael Natkin‘s new cookbook Herbivoracious? The bright citrus flavors of the grapefruit with the mild softness of the avocado, topped with briny capers and bright chervil: you mean I can get this much flavor in without slaving over the heat?! I’m in!


BLT Deviled Eggs recipe from The Andon-Reid Inn Bed and Breakfast

Thanks to everyone for all the fun responses!

Answer the next This Month’s Healthy Bite question: What are your favorite Cool Whip recipes?

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