The Ultimate Poke Cake Recipe

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Okay, people. I want to talk to you about poke cakes. They’re awesome, aren’t they? Bake a cake, poke some holes, pour sweetened condensed milk/pudding/jello/custard inside, frost, and eat. It’s simple enough to make, yet it transforms a plain cake into a dessert masterpiece. And even so, there are simple poke cakes and there are more complicated ones. I made my first one this weekend, and let me tell you, I didn’t make a simple one. I chose to make the ultimate poke cake: the Rainbow Birthday Poke Cake (and it’s not even anybody’s birthday! : O )

Better Than Presents...Rainbow Birthday Poke Cake

After seeing this Better than Presents…Rainbow Birthday Poke Cake from The Domestic Rebel, it wasn’t long before I decided I had to make it myself. I checked out the recipe and discovered it comes from Something Swanky. No surprise there – Ashton is the queen of poke cakes, in my opinion. Ashton’s Better than the Pot o’ Gold…Rainbow Poke Cake looks like this:

Better than the Pot o' Gold...Rainbow Poke Cake

I love how vibrant the colors are. The Golden Oreos blend in nicely with the white frosting, which makes the cake underneath it stand out even more. I also liked how The Domestic Rebel turned hers into a birthday cake, and topped it off with Birthday Cake Golden Oreos (yes, they do exist!) and sprinkles. Who wouldn’t want this as their birthday cake? I know I would.

So, I got to work baking, poking, and pouring, and created this gem. There are a few more steps involved than when making a simple boxed cake mix, but the result is so worth. I had a blast making it and couldn’t wait to eat it. The result: incredible. I know the food coloring is tasteless, but I swear it makes the cake taste better. Maybe it’s because we eat with our eyes…I know I do. I made my own frosting, but because the cake and Oreos add a lot of sweetness, I think a simpler Cool whip topping would suffice (which is what the original recipe calls for).

Rainbow Birthday Poke Cake       Rainbow Birthday Poke Cake

Okay, so I know my pictures aren’t as good as theirs, but I still wanted to share how it turned out. Look at all the pretty colors! I love rainbows! And don’t get me started on how awesome those Birthday Cake Golden Oreos are. They add the perfect finishing touch to the perfect birthday cake.

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What’s your idea of the perfect birthday cake?




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  1. Sherry says

    This looks absolutely delicious!! Such eye candy and sure to impress guests. I feel like regular Oreos would work here too– black isn’t part of the rainbow, but hey! More color doesn’t hurt.

  2. Maisie Sackett says

    If someone made this for my birthday I would be the happiest birthday girl on the planet! At first I thought those were Rice Krispies on top, which might not be a bad addition. I’ve never made a poke cake before, but now I can’t wait to try it out!

  3. Rebecca Taylor says

    I have never heard of poke cakes before, but they look like so much fun to make. I babysit a couple of little boys and they would love making this with me on a rainy day. And there are so many variations. You could make cakes with lots of colors for a child’s birthday or use more sophisticated flavors for a book group or girl’s night out. Being a chocolate lover, I would love to try making one with chocolate mousse and chocolate chips. Maybe I will experiment for the movie night I host!

  4. Diane says

    My grandmother made this for my 10th birthday 40 years ago! only she used angel food cake and mixed her own colors,

  5. Sarah Jarvis says

    My best friend loves to bake colorful cakes, so I am excited to show her this recipe. I hope she and I can try this out over the summer – I have never tried to make a poke cake before, but the results look too good to pass up! Thanks for sharing!

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