What Makes a Perfect Drink: Cocktails 101

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Transport your guests to a period of finer taste, chic cocktails and bow ties by impressing them with your talents as a mixologist. Liven up your party with eclectic drinks that are just as surprisingly dashing and delicious as the ones you get at a fine club. With the right accoutrements you’ll find that making cocktails is far less expensive and easier than you imagined. We are here to guide you through a quick and easy course of making cocktails that we like to call Cocktails 101. Before we tell you what some of our favorite drinks are we would like to take the time to explain what makes a perfect drink and most importantly how to properly stock your bar for a party.


How To Properly Stock Your Bar

Going out to buy every single kind of spirit seems a little overboard and pricey. Most people think that they have to fully stock their bar to accommodate every guests needs, but in actuality a guest is happy that they are getting a free drink despite what it is. Your job is to make the drink perfect. So, instead of stocking your bar with, bitters, spirits, and various mixers, stick to mastering one or two types of drinks that will be your go-to drinks for the night. This way you save money and master a drink or a spirit.  Or try your first endeavor into mixology with tried and true classic cocktail recipes that are as simple as they are rewarding.


Old Fashioned



If you can make these essential drinks you are ahead of the game and even more versed in mixology than some bartenders

Bar Essentials

Now that your bar is stocked with the appropriate spirits, you need the right tools to fix up the perfect drink.  Special thanks to the blog Tara’s Tips for featuring a great article on bar tool essentials. Here is a quick list of basic equipment you may need:

Cocktail Shaker

Mixing Glass


Bar Spoon

Juice Squeezer

It is also important to have the correct type of glass for every drink. Now, this isn’t a must to create the perfect drink, but the drink does look better and breathes properly if put in it’s appropriate glassware.   These include:

Rocks Glasses

High Ball Glasses

Champagne Glasses

Martini Glasses

Lastly, the most important part in properly stocking your bar is having enough ice to last the entire night. Most every drink requires ice, so plan ahead. Whisked Foodie has an article on the importance of ice at a party. This includes the proper ice to drink ratio and how to properly prep yourself for the night. Now let’s get to the fun part – cocktails.


The Cocktails

Having the proper tools and spirits, you can now start creating. You can start with our Martini Mom-osa or our Rosato Toast. Both are great for parties and are simple to make. There are a wide variety of drinks out there with endless possibilities for mixes. Who knows, you might make the the next Manhattan in your own home.  Here are some of our favorites that we found on the internet. We hope that you enjoy them.

Spiced Pear Martini

Blue Sparkling Star

Honeycrisp Apple Spiced Rum

You will surely impress your guests with these stunning drinks.  Before we send you off we would like to give you three more quick tips when mixing your drink.

1. Always serve your drink in a chilled glass.

2. Give the shaker a good shake when you have the lid on.  Don’t be afraid to shake that sucker up.

3.  When using your bar spoon, stir with a purpose, but not so violently that you chip the ice.  That will only water down the drink.

That about covers it for Cocktails 101.  We hope that it is helpful in your journey to becoming a mix master.



What are some of your favorite mixed drinks?  Do you have your own recipes?  We’d love to hear what you have to say!




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