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I’ve always been a fan of yogurt. From my earliest days, I’ve just loved the creamy texture and the variety of fun flavors.  As a kid my favorite was definitely strawberry… it was just so simple and delicious, perfect for a child’s palette.

Let me tell you though… yogurt has come a long way since the days of my childhood.  Now there are SO many different flavors and varieties to choose from, it’s pretty mind-boggling!  I mean, have you checked out the yogurt section of your local grocery store lately?  I know I’ve stood in that chilled aisle faced with rows upon rows of yogurt concoctions not knowing which one to pick, and I’m sure you have too!

With its amazing selection of yogurt varieties and flavor combinations, YoCrunch is making that big yogurt decision easy for you!  No matter what your preference is (fruit, cookie or candy), you’re sure to find something you’ll love in the YoCrunch selection of yogurts.

With this week’s awesome giveaway, we’re making it even easier for you to explore this wonderful new world of yogurt variety.  Two lucky winners are going to win a prize package containing 5 coupons for 4-Packs of YoCrunch yogurt!  That way they can choose from the enormous selection of YoCrunch yogurts and pick their favorite flavors to sample. How awesome is that?!?  Enter here to be one of those lucky winners!

Enter to win a YoCrunch Yogurt Prize Pack!

Here are some of the amazing flavors and varieties of yogurt that YoCrunch offers, just to tempt you a little bit more 😛

  • Fruit Parfaits including strawberry, peach and blueberry. Great classic flavors for a healthy and sweet snack!
  • Pie Parfaits including apple, cherry and triple berry. Yes, it tastes like real pie!
  • Cookie & Candy Crunch including toppings like Oreo cookie pieces, M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger and Chips Ahoy!  Kids and “big kids” will love these!
  • 100-Calorie Packs including cheesecake flavored non-fat yogurt, vanilla yogurt with chocolate chip cookie pieces, and strawberry yogurt with granola topping. Yummy and good for you too!

Find out even more about YoCrunch yogurts and what our taste testers had to say about them over on our review page.

Now’s your chance to try out some new fun yogurt flavors!

Enter here to win a YoCrunch Yogurt Prize Package.

Good luck to all and happy yogurt snacking!



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