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4th of July Sneak PEEP: 4th of July Desserts + Bonus 4th of July Survival Guide

So our peeps at PEEPS were nice enough to let us try out their yummy patriotic PEEPS, and man was it a tough job. But I took one for the team and volunteered to try these babies out. Turns out PEEPS aren’t just for Easter anymore. These adorable red, white, and blue marshmallow chicks are the perfect sweet treat for your 4h of July dessert table. Whether you place them sweetly on a plate, or get creative in the kitchen, these little guys won’t disappoint your friends and family on the fourth. PEEPS has tons of great patriotic recipes on the PEEPS website, and I couldn’t help but share a few with you guys. Try any of these 4th of July desserts and I guarantee your meal will end with a “bang!”


PEEPS S'moresBecause I am a s’mores fanatic, this PEEPS s’mores recipe really spoke to me. Packed with rich chocolate, crunchy graham crackers, and of course, one sweet PEEP, these s’mores are absolutely amazing. Be careful when placing these guys on the graham cracker and chocolate, these are some hot chicks.





Red White & Blue Velvet CupcakesAnother PEEPS recipe I absolutely love is the Red, White, and Blue Velvet Cupcakes recipe. These cupcakes look absolutely amazing, and would definitely spice up any 4th of July dessert table. PEEPS shows the cupcakes topped with PEEPS Minis Strawberry Creme Chicks, but I think that the Patriotic PEEPS would look perfect on top.




PEEPS Crispy StarsAnother really simple PEEPS recipe that I loved was the PEEPS Patriotic Crispy Stars recipe. This red, white, and blue stars recipe is fast, easy, and the perfect addition to any 4th of July party.









I loved all of the 4th of July dessert recipes on the PEEPS website, and I know that I will definietly be trying some at my 4th of July party. Who knew PEEPS could be turned into so many different desserts? This made me think, “what else can I do with PEEPS?” The answer: tons! I found loads of amazing marshmallow recipes that can be adapted to be made with PEEPS instead of marshmallows. Here are some of my favorites:


Toasted Marshmallow Shot GlassOne of the most creative (and fun) dessert recipes I found was a recipe for Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses. You heard right, marshmallow shot glasses. Looks like PEEPS aren’t just for kids after all, huh? Substitute Patriotic PEEPS for marshmallows for the ultimate 4th of July dessert. Try this amazing shot glass recipe for your 4th of July party, because nothing says America like toasted marshmallows and wild parties, right?




Angel Food Cake S’mores SkewersAnother great recipe I found was for Angel Food Cake S’mores. This recipe is super simple, and looks totally sweet and refreshing. Substitute the marshmallows with Patriotic PEEPS for a unique twist on this adorable 4th of July dessert recipe.







Homemade S'mores DipAs I said before, I LOVE S’MORES. So when I saw this S’mores Dip Recipe I knew it was definitely going to make it onto my list of favorite Patriotic PEEPS appropriate dessert recipes. Substitute the marshmallows with the Patriotic PEEPS for a delicious red, white, and blue dessert dip. Serve with crunchy graham crackers, and you have the ultimate 4th of July Dessert.




No matter what you choose to serve for dessert this 4th of July, make sure Patriotic PEEPS make an appearance at your 4th of July party. These red, white, and blue marshmallow chicks are absolutely adorable and super tasty (no surprise there). For even more great dessert ideas for your PEEPS, check out the amazing PEEPS dessert recipe page on the PEEPS website. Happy 4th of July, from everyone at TheBestDessertRecipes.com!


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Hey peeps, which recipe are you going to try this 4th of July?