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International Spotlight: 15 Asian Recipes

Is there a day when Asian food isn’t supremely exciting? It doesn’t matter what kind, any Asian cuisine makes it feel like a holiday (for those of us who don’t eat it every day). Even if I’m ordering sweet and sour chicken for the second time this week – I’m just as excited! I was even happier when I learned I could make my favorites at home with easy Asian recipes.

Today, we’re going to focus mostly on easy Chinese recipes. (I know ‘Asian’ encompasses many, many other countries, but those are for another post.) Primarily, our readers love takeout fakeout recipes for Chinese food. General Tso’s chicken and orange chicken are your faves, and this comes as no surprise to me. I love those dishes too!

What makes Asian food so special? I think it’s secretly the best comfort food out there – made to be eaten in large amounts. 🙂 Plus, the combination of sweet, spicy and sour flavors keep you chowing down for hours.

Americanized variations of Asian recipes are extremely popular. We’re obsessed with Eggroll in a Bowl – need I say more? You’ll even see copycat recipes for famous Asian-inspired fast food like this Panda Express Chow Mein Copycat.

We gathered our favorite Asian recipes for this International Spotlight. Check ’em out – it’s easier to make your favorites than you thought!


International Spotlight: 15 Asian Recipes

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What’s your favorite Asian food?